Ridgecrest, CA 1913

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Local Scout Troops #291 and #412 cremated 845 flags on 15 June during the Flag Day Ceremony event at our Lodge.

FLAG DAY CERMONY held at the Lodge on 15 June 2013. Men & Women of our local Armed Services gave honor to the Flags of our Country. Exalted Ruler Ken Dalpiaz with PR2 Balusek, AE1 Fraley, IS2 Crespo, PR2 Guthrie, AE2 Buckey, ATAN Ambrosio, AMAN Moran, ISSN Gurley, IT1 Donohue.

President Skip Henke giving First Lady Karen pointers on arresting gear for the S2

President Skip Henke with SVP Warren Guest

Navy S2 all tired out from carrier arrest landings.

CHEA President Skip Henke talking Navy S2 sub chaser to First Lady Karen

Some of our Lodge Hoop Shoot Winners! - December 7, 2013


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