Pulaski, TN 1827

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Pulaski Photo Gallery: Backpack Progam

Bill Roper, Katherine Roper, Dickey Watson and Cole Wade delivered food and personal items from our lodge to Giles County High School for this year's Backpack Program.

Mrs. Harper’s 2nd period gym class rolled out carts and helped to unload and deliver the items to the staging area inside the school where they would be used to fill backpacks for children in need.

A BPOE grant allowed us to purchase $1,500 worth of merchandise to help fill backpacks.

"The cart will hold more if you redistribute the bags."

Many pounds of additional items were also donated for the program by lodge members.

Trucking more merchandise into the school.

The last of the items are moved to the staging area to be distributed into backpacks.

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