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Jackson Elk’s #466 History Thirty-three men, residents of Jackson, each and everyone a loyal citizen of the United States of America, with vision and imbued with the ideals and principals espoused by Elkdom, banded together for the purpose of founding a subordinate Lodge of Elks. Their objective was achieved on March 2, 1898 when Jackson Lodge #466 of the Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks was instituted and the Charter from the Grand Lodge was issued on June 22, 1899. Since that time the Jackson Elks have supported youth activities, community projects and our veterans. The night of the first meeting, the Lodge undertook the problems of finding permanent headquarters, having used the I.O.O.F. Hall up until that time. A month later a contract was approved by the Lodge by which rooms over the John H. Martin shoe store on Main Street were obtained for the home. While still in struggling infancy, the Lodge had an ambition to have a home of its own and as early as November 1902, adopted a motion that a committee be appointed to ascertain, in a practical way, by soliciting the sentiment of the Lodge, as to purchasing a home. It was on November 25, 1914, that a committee started groundwork that eventually led to the purchase of the present site. Acting on their recommendation, the Lodge voted favorably and as a result, the former residence of Dr. W.E. Williams, and lots were purchased from Lloyd Williams on March 15, 1915. After moving into the present home, the members enjoyed 22 years of prosperous and progressive fellowship and on February 24, 1937 a remodeling and complete renovation was started. On completion the home was officially dedicated on Thursday August 11, 1938. A feasibility study was undertaken during 2004 to determine whether to sell our present facility and build elsewhere or add on to the present home. During the years 2005 - 2006, a project was undertaken to tear down the picnic shelter in the backyard and build 3500 sq. ft. kitchen and dinning facility. This project was completed in late 2006. Nine times since the institution of the Lodge, we have been honored by the Grand Exalted Ruler by the selection of one of our members to serve as District Deputy of the Ohio South Central District. First to serve was Judge Benner Jones, who played an important role in the history of our Lodge. Next to serve in 1934 was Carl A. Dobbins. He was followed by Myron Davis in 1944, G. Robert Gast in 1957, James J. Savey in 1969, Carl R. Dobbins in 1985, G. Thomas Gallagher in 1990, Alvie E. Pelfrey in 2003, Jack Blackburn in 2006, Tom Wallace in 2014 and Charles Keith Denny in 2021. During the fifties and sixties, Jackson had very strong ritual teams and competed annually in the district and state competition. Our first Lodge Bulletin was published in 1962, but was discontinued the following year. It was started again in 1985, and has been published monthly ever since. Carl Dobbins, Fred Michael, Dan Dobbins, Tom Gallagher, Don Mathews, Don Hill and Rod Bachtel have served as editor. Our Lodge was visited by PGER Wade Kepner, of Wheeling West Virginia on October 25, 1945 and during our 100th year celebration we were honored by the presence of GER Valentine Bates of Gainesville, Flordia, and PGER Raymond Arnold of Jackson , Michigan. PGER James Varaenhorst, a former sponsor of state, was a visitor to our Lodge during September 2006.