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Largo Elks Veteran's Committee Donate to the Elks Office at the Bay Pines VA to take care of Veterans

On Monday July 17, 2023 the Largo Elks Veteran's Committee Chair Bob Behm accompanied by PDDGER Jeanne Reinhart, Largo Elks 2159 PER Diane Sharp and two Veteran's Committee members (Sandy Behm and Dave Mason), utilized the Freedom Grant obtained by PDDGER Jeanne Reinhart to purchase 700 dollars worth of underwear, tee-shirts and hygine products for the Elks Office at the Bay Pines VA., to take care of the Veteran's with which they serve. Some of these patients come in with nothing to the VA! Other veterans are walk-ins that live on the street and come in for basic essential supplies!  Johnny told us that most of the supplies in the Elks Office was depleted by the Stand  Down held on April 1, 2023!  All the above items were presented to Johnny Miller the Grand Lodge Representative for Bay Pines VA Healthcare System VAVS Rep.

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