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22nd Annual Elks State Junior Golf Tournament 2022

The 22nd Annual State
Junior Golf Tournament was held at the American Legion Memorial Golf course in
Marshalltown, IA on July 15, 2022. There were 17 golfers with different age
groups that attended the event. Eric Miller is the Iowa State Chair of the Youth
Golf and Robert Streeter of the Marshalltown Elks Lodge #312 is the chairman of
the local Elks Lodge that organized the event.  A great big thank you to all the youth that attended and the Lodge members that volunteered!

10-11 year old group:  Lincoln Miller of Perry, IA, Dophoe Hopper of Creston IA (girls winner), Jaren Hude of Creston, IA (boys winner)


Boys 12-13 year old boys group:  Barat Lune of Creston, IA and Corben McKibben of Marshalltown, IA was winner.

12-13 year old girls group:  Taylor Shaltar of Creston, IA was winner.

14-15 year old boys group:  Tyler Ragan of Indianola, IA was winner, Tyler Santi of Indianola, IA, and Kurtis Bratley of Creston, IA.

14-15 year old girls group:  Gaby Estabrook of Marshalltown, IA, Camryn Overton of Indianola, IA was winner, and Harper Wilson of Marshalltown, IA.

16-17 year old group:  Joe Johnson from Johnson, IA place 2nd, Tyler Herrmann of Johnson, IA was winner.

Pictured here is Robert Streeter of Marshalltown Elks Lodge #312, who was the organizer of the event with 16-17 age group winner Tyler Herrmann.