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Lewis County Elk Riders Raise Money for Local Child

For the last several weeks our Elks Riders have been hard at work organizing a fundraiser for the National Elks Rider’s Brain Injury Ride. Little miss Parklyn Whitehead and her family were selected from our community as the beneficiary for our fundraising. Parkland is the little sister of Bexley and daughter of Brandon and Layla Whitehead. Our Elks and their guests started out at 10:00 am Saturday morning, making stops at the Columbia, Lewisburg, Pulaski and Lawrenceburg lodges where they were treated to meals, snacks and refreshments and collecting donations and raising money along the way. It was bitter cold for our Riders but warm hearts were plentiful! At 7 pm the riders gathered back at the lodge and was honored by a visit from Parklyn and her family. At that time, the Elks had raised $6000 to help this family and the donations continued to come in during the course of the evening. We want to share a few pictures from this special event. Thank you to all the lodges that contributed to this cause and to our many donors who help to make this event such a huge success´┐╝. ELKS CARE ELKS SHARE and ELKS DO!