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Bennington Elks Use of the 150th Anniversary Grant

This past year the Bennington Lodge used our 150th Anniversary Grant to fund the following important local causes in the area.
1) Contributor to the Thanksgiving Meal at the lodge, where our members prepared and delivered over 900 meals to people in the Community.
2) In honor of the Southwestern Vermont Medical Center's 100th and the Elks 150th anniversary the Lodge contributed $250 to their foundation.
3) Bennington Coalition for the homeless, helping the local people in need.
4) The Turning Point center, helping people in recovery from the effects of addiction.
5) Bennington Special Olympics, athletes with intellectual disabilities who find success, joy, and friendship as part of our community.
The 150th Anniversary Grant comes from the Elks National Foundation. This foundation was established in 1928 in order to “unite the forces of the Order into a mighty army for the service of mankind”. Since the Bennington Lodge is well over 115 years in service to our community, many of our members were founding contributors. They would be proud that the earnings off their original gifts were stewarded in such a way that it directly helped such a wide variety of causes in our community.

Thank you to all the members in our lodge who supported the use of this grant.