District No. 1080

SCCD Ritual Contest

The 2018-2019 Ritual team will compete in the SCCD Ritual contest on May 5, 2018. This year the contest it will held at the Culver City Elks Lodge 1917 at 12 noon. The award ceremony will held at the Gardena Elks Lodge 19196 at 6 PM. This year's team consists of the following Members:

ER Gayle Carter

Leading Knight Jaynee Roszhart

Loyal Knight Ron Fink

Lecturing Knight Tom Roszhart

Esquire Les Villiados, PER

Inner Guard Alan White

Chaplain Larry Isaacs

Candidate Irma Santiago, PER

Our Ritual coaches this year are Head Coach Ray Beers, PDDGER with Assistant Coaches Don Checchi, PDDGER and RA Pickett, PAVP.


The Ritual Contest for State Competition will be held in San Diego, CA. The Ritual Contest for National Competition will be in San Antonia, TX.

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