Santee-Lakeside, CA 2698


Members old and new.
Let's get involved in our Lodge at Santee/Lakeside. When you first join the Lodge it is exciting but then confusion sets in and new people don't know how or when to help. I know. I was there, too. Sometimes it looks like the Lodge belongs to only a few because they 'take control', they 'do everything', they are 'there all the time'. Well, it's hard to ask/beg for help. Our Lodge lets members do what and when they can, but it doesn't give structure or direction as to how to be part of the whole.
What can we do to help? Do we need a periodic reception for new members/family with representatives from the committees, along with the officers who are responsible for the committes, to spend some time explaining what is done, what is needed; thereby, giving a new member a chance to join a committe that interests him/her?
We all have had careers/professions; we all have talents and skills that we can share with one another. Some of us have time; some money; some, both.
We have elderly members that need help with transportation, shopping; just to contact them regularly.
Maybe, we can trade time for donation and donation for time.
Community Activities
State Major Project (purple pig)
Elks National Foundation
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Elks National Veterans Service
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