Gateway-Gresham, OR 1805

Lodge Games


After doing our research we decided to make a change to the Queen of Hearts. Other lodges do it this way and it gives more members a chance to participate and hopefully see more people in the lodge. Below are the revised Rules.

Cards will be placed on the board, face down, numbered 1 to 53 ( includes one Joker).

Only Oregon Elks members, in good standing, can purchase Queen of Hearts tickets. 

Members must show their Membership Card to confirm membership status. 

Tickets will be sold all week, while the lodge is open, at the bar. 

On their ticket, players will need to put the number of the card they have selected, their name and their contact information. Player will then place ticket(s) in designated receptacle.

The drawing will be every Sunday at 5:00pm. 

Members are not required to be present to win. If the member is present during the drawing and draws the Queen of Hearts, the pay-out will be 60% of the pot. If the member is not present, the pay-out is 50% of the pot. 

If the Joker is picked during the first round, the entire board is reset with a new deck of 52 cards. There is no Joker in the second round. 

Oregon Lottery Guidelines limit the "CASH" pay-out to $5,000.00. Assuming the member is present, once the pot value reaches $8,300.00, ($8,300.00 x 60% = $5,000.00) the game will end and drawings, on that Sunday, will continue until the Queen of Hearts is drawn. Each card drawn will payout until the Queen of Hearts is drawn. If Joker is drawn, once the Max Payout is met, the winner will receive $500.00 and drawings will continue until Queen of Hearts is drawn 

Once the Queen of Hearts is drawn, a new game will commence with a new deck of 53 cards.

Pay-outs are as follows:

Draw 2,3,4,5 Win $5.00 
Draw 6,7,8,9,10 Win $10.00 
Draw Jack, Queen (excluding the queen of Hearts) or King Win $20.00 
Draw Ace Win $30.00 
Draw the Joker (game starts over 1 time) Win $300.00