District No. 6960

Lodge Directory

Lodge Officers & Committee Chairmen

Exalted Ruler

Tim Friesen, Lecturing Knight, Leading Knight

Leading Knight

Ray Byrd, Trustee Crm, Soccer Crm, District Hoop Shoot Crm

Lecturing Knight

Cheryl Hill, Loyal Knight, , House Committee / Activities Commi (Doug)

Loyal Knight

Julio Maldonado, Lecturing Knight (Penny)


George Kosbab, House Committee Chairman (Shirley)


Steve Rinehart (Amy)


John Schilling, Chaplain


Tammy Shanyfelt
Email: columbusgrovecityelks@yahoo.com


Vickie Saunders, Treasurer (Jon)


Bobby McDonald (Joyce)


Steve Turley


Marlin Newman


Randy Seymour


Joyce McDonald, House Committee (Bobby)

Inner Guard

Russ Atwood

House Committee Chairman/ Captain's Club President

Jim Crishbaum

House Committee

Charlie Trenary (Diana)

House Committee

Debbie Bennett (Steve)

House Committee

Ray Stark

Steve Roper, Treasurer, Trustee (Libby)

Jerry Wise, PER, Exalter Ruler, Leading Knight, Trustee (Barbara)

Community Relation Chairman, Jayhawker Chairman

John Ecos

Golf Committee

Gary Wilson, House Committee

Gayla Hill, PER, Lecturing Knight, Leading Knight, Exalted Ruler

Chrm:PER Association, Elks National Foundation, DDGER

Jill Hawse, PDDGER, Exalter Ruler, Leading Knight, Loyal Knight,Esquir
Email: jhawse@columbus.rr.com

Sandy Hardesty, Lecturing Knight (Bob)

John McMullen, Chairman: National Elks Foundation,Golf League Sec (Bonnie)
Email: jmcmullen@columbus.rr.com

Jean Minutilli DDGER, Exalted Ruler, Leading Knight

Bob Hardesty, Tiler (Sandy)

Marc Weiher, Chairman: Government Relations

John Hackworth, Trustee

Joe Endres, House Committee

Nick Ruffing, House Committee

Bill Lotz, Trustee (Janet)

Steve Knox, Esquire, Loyal Knight,Trustee

Marie McKeon, C.P. Chairman; Public Relations Chairman

Calendar Chairman

Brad Mitchell, Trustee (Krista)

Bonnie McMullen, Sec.,Trustee,Christmas Fund Ch., Euchre Club Ch. (John)
Email: bmcmullen@columbus.rr.com

State Bowling Chairman

Roger L. Kinsell, Lodge Secretary (Dottie)
1092 Havendale Dr.
Columbus, Oh 43220
Home: 614-451-2116
Office: 614-878-6431
FAX: 614-451-7552
Email: rkinsell@copper.net

Todd Mosley, Hoop Shoot Chairman, Esquire (Celeste)

David Graf, PER, Exalted Ruler, Leading Knight, Esquire, Loyal Knig (Donna)

Donna Graf , Lecturing Knight, Esquire (Dave)

Mark Wachalec, Leading Knight / House Committee/Exalted Ruler

Chuck Burke, PER, Exalted Ruler, Esteemed Lecturing Knight, Chairman (Geneva)

Harry Andrews, Treasurer, Chairman: Softball (Chris)

Eric Bussman, Trustee Chairman, Calendar Project ,Soccer Shoot O

Steve Shoup, PER, Exalted Ruler, Leading Knight, Chairman: Conventio

Dennis Hall, Committee Chairman:Diaster Aid, Drug Awareness

Richard (Doc) Jeffries, Accident Prevention

Roger Barthelmas, Chairman: Elks National Veterans
Home: 614-875-1285

Andy Cotner, House Committee

Jack Perigo, Tiler

Jeremy Null, Loyal Knight

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