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Original Petition for Prescott Lodge in 1895

Original Petition for Prescott Elks Lodge #330 in 1896
A group of enterprising businessmen in Prescott, sturdy products of the early west, charted the original petition for a dispensation to establish the Prescott Lodge. They were Jake Marks, Ben M. Belcher, Harry W. Walters, James Griffin, Mach McCulloch, S.A.Prince, Albert Brow, TB. Davis, J.A. Rokohl, Z.H. Bagby, J.D. Moore, OT. Abbott, Frank Frantz, Frank A. Cole, EN Kastner, B.H. Smith, M.J. Hickey, D.J. Sullivan, W.W. Ross, NA. Pace. Frank H. Williams, Robert Brow, NJ. Herndon< Frank S. Emmal, J.W.Wilson. Alex Cordiner. William Ashton and T.E. Litt. These are the men who launched Lodge No. 330 on its successful career and, under the trials and discouragements which beset it in its early career, remained steadfast to the great principles of the order in the belief that someday their lodge and home would be a credit to the community

West Was Wild

What manner of men were these who. living in a wild and woolly" western town in the country that was still government territory, decided to band together and affiliate the world? Due to the remarkable memory and courtesy of many old time Prescott residents, its possible to give "thumb nail descriptions"of many of these pioneers:

Frank H. Williams was a city assessor and tax collector when that office was operated separately from the county.

J.W. Wilson built the Wilson Block in Prescott which is still standing. Mr. Wilson was a clothier.

A.J. Herndon was clerk of the court in territorial days. and an insurance agent.

E.A. Kastner was owner of Kastner's grocery.

M.J. Hickey, in partnership with Dennis Burke. ran the Burke Hotel which is now the St. Michael.

D.J. Sullivan was county assessor and had mining interests.

W. W. Ross owner of the Ross Drug Co.

S.A. Prince was Chief of Police for many years.

Dr. T.B. Davis was a veteran of the Civil War and a charming and gallant gentleman of the "old School.'

J.A. Rokohl was a former actor whose stage name was Gus Williams. He operated a hotel in Prescott for many years.

Z.H. Bagby was a local merchant.

Jake Marks . First Exalted Ruler. operated a wholesale liquor company.

Ben Belcher, Barney Smith. and Robert Brow were proprietors of the Palace Hotel and Saloon.

Frank Williams (known as Sure-Shot Williams). How he received this moniker and whether it referred to a horse named Sure-Shot, or to the gun toting ability of Mr. Williams remains a moot question.

John J. Jones was a mining man in the McCabe area.

A.A. Pace operated the Prescott Steam Laundry.

It is to be regretted that information of the rentaining charter members was not to be obtained however there is no doubt that they were also rugged individualist and staunch citizens of Prescott.

It may be well to note that the late Lester Ruffner, Sr. P.E.R., P.D.D., was the first candidate initiated in B.P.O. Elks No. 330. He was the father of Budge Ruffner also a P.E.R of the lodge.

The History of Prescott 330, Arizona's First Elk's Lodge


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