District No. 0880

Leading Knight - Bob Murray

July Message


Here we are heading into summer like a
freight train. The kids and grandkids are out of
school. The year has been winding down to
family vacation time. The pool is ready for the
onslaught of activity. Life is good. The Mrs.
has my list of things to do, planned my "free"
time, informed me of when we are going to see
the grandkids, and has promised to increase my
allowance if I can accomplish all this in my
allotted time frame...not sure how much, but
grateful for the consideration. I did let her
know of our Lodge activities for next month;
not hopeful for the increase. All joking aside,
she has been pretty tolerant of my "quick" trips
across the street. Thanks, Honey!
I would like to remind everyone of the
need for volunteers for the 4th of July activities.
Any time you could donate would be
much appreciated. There are also some new fun
activities scheduled this month that warrant
your attention. Family fun for Friday nights
and also, Sunday afternoons will put the Emblem
room to good use. Check out the posters
in the Lodge for more information. Also, remember
the Lodge Fireworks Booth in the
parking lot for all your explosive celebration
needs, and you are always welcome to just stop
by and visit. We will be open from 9 am-dusk
every day from June 28th to 10 pm on the 4th
of July. All profits go to help the Lodge in its
many ventures.
Please, be safe this summer, whether lighting
up your BBQ's or fireworks, travelling
where ever, or even just hanging at the pool,
you are an important part of this Lodge. Also,
I would like to acknowledge and sincerely
thank the Moffet's for the use of Forest's comfortable
truck for our drive to the State Convention,
and to Jeffie for her tireless work in
making sure the Ritual Team's members were
where we needed to be and on time. It was a
fun trip driving with my fellow team members.
Be safe and enjoy your Lodge this summer!

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