District No. 0880

Leading Knight - Ned Fox

December Message

Ned Fox

May your holiday dreams come true
this coming season. As the Holidays
arrive, let's reflect on what a great year
we have had. Let's work together to
make 2014 a truly successful year for
our Lodge and in our own lives.
Just around the comer we will be
holding our New Year's Eve Celebration
at the Lodge. Come out and enjoy
the fine music of "The Crystal Image
Band" and our James Bond theme.
Come and dress in your favorite James
Bond attire and enjoy a secret agent
evening. As you may know, the dinner
menu has been set and now all we
need is you and your guest to have a
great time.
Help is still needed for Dealers and
Crap table managers. All we are looking
for is members to volunteer for a
two hour shift to help out with our
games. Hours will be from 5:00 PM to
7:00 Pm and 8:00 PM to 10 PM. The
more volunteers we have, the less time
will be needed for coverage. Your
Lodge Officers will be busy that night
helping the evening running smoothly.
This is also a great time to talk with the
Officers on your ideas for the upcoming
Lodge year.
Continue to remember to support
the Major Project and Elks National
Foundation. Just recently it was announced
at Mid-term that for every dollar
donated, $1.96 comes back into
CHEA for Lodges to use. These monies
come back in by the way of grants.
As of this writing Carmichael has received
$4000.00 dollars in grants.
Because of our members continued
support, your Lodge is recognized as a
leader in sharing and caring.
Thank you one and all for your everyday
efforts in the Benevolent and
Protective Order of Elks.

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