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District No. 0600

BPOE 1987 House Rules

1. Regular Lodge meeting is held bi-monthly on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday (except July and August when only one meeting per month is held). No guest, other than out-of town Elks or initiates will be admited to the Lodge on meeting nights. The bar is closed 15 minutes prior to meeting and remains closed until the meeting is adjourned.

2. No member (except when appointed to assist) will be allowed behind the bar. Children are not allowed in the bar.

3. Only members in GOOD STANDING are to buy beverages or in accordance with Arkansas ABC rules.

4. Club hours are established by the House committee and are posted in the Lodge and elsewhere on this site.

5. No refreshments will be served following the last call at 15 minutes before closing. Lodge room must be cleared upon the Steward's request. Refusal to leave can result in suspension of the member for a period of six month.

6. A member may bring the same guest only twice annually. You must register guest names in the register book at the door. The member must accompany the guest and the member will make payments for all purchases. Only the House Committee will make exceptions. It is not permissible to phone the Lodge to instruct the Stewart to admit guest(s) unaccompanied.

7. Members must use the key card to enter the building. Do not make it necessary for the Steward to answer your buzz because you have forgotten your card. Spouse will be issued a card at the member's request. Such cards and replacement of lost cards will cost $5.00.

8. Bad checks means automatic loss of Lodge privileges until made good. second offense results in checks not being cashed for the member thereafter. When notified of returned check in your name, make arrangements for immediate payments. guest checks cashed must bare the endorsement of the sponsoring mmember. Returned check will be charged $20.00 per check.

9. Rules for activities in the game rooms are posted in the rooms and will be observed by participants in the gams play in the rooms. Exceptions only by the House Committee.

10. No beverages are permitted in the Lodge areas except those purchased from the Lodge or Lounge areas. No Beverages may be carried from the building or may be purchased at the Lodge for consumption elsewhere.

11. Logical rules of decent dress will prevail. Vulgarity, profanity, indecent conduct, excessive bickering or quarreling is prohibited. Any offense concerning these matters will result in a letter from the House Committee and can result in loss of membership privileges as determined by the House Committee.

12. Any member who willfully strikes, attempts to strike or threatens to strike or hurt a Lodge member, guest or employee shall incur an automatic suspension for six months, effective upon the date of the letter of suspension from the House Committee. A hearing shall be offered to the offending member.

13. Questions concerning charges of evening checks may be taken up with the steward. In the event that satisfaction is not received, members may take up the matter with the House Committee charirman. All purchases must be paid for when served or before leaving the Lodge building.

14. No Lodge equipment will be removed from the building without permission from the Exalted Ruler or the Trustees of the Lodge. All loaned equipment will be recorded, inspected and signed for y both parties and a receipt turned in to the Lodge Office immediately.

15. Notices or Solicitation not pertaining to Elks Lodge affairs are not permitted in the Lodge building or on Lodge property.

16. Candidates elected to membership in the Lodge or waiting election may not participate as members until they have been initiatied.



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