Missouri Elks Association

State Project: “The Missouri Elks Dental Care Program”


Established in 1962, the Missouri Elks Dental Care Program consists of Mobile Dental Units which are purchased and equipped by the Elks. These units serve the dental needs of manageable handicapped and crippled children, as well as mentally retarded/developmentally disabled adults and children. Three mobile units provide service to the entire state. The Elks Dental Program is administered by the Missouri Department of Health and the Truman Medical Center. The Hospital staff the units, schedule and complete visits, and report to the Director of the Missouri Elks Benevolent Trust.

More Information

For more information, please contact Marc Beckman, Director, Missouri Elks Benevolent Trust, 5 Dogwood, St. Clair, MO, 63007.

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The Elks National Foundation


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