District No. 7320

Lodge Directory

Lodge Officers & Committee Chairmen

Exalted Ruler

Steve Stiles, Leading Knight, Lecturing Knight, Loyal Knight (Mary Jane)

Leading Knight

Eric Moss, Lecturing Knight, Loyal Knight, Assistant Esquire (Michelle Williams)

Loyal Knight

Andrew Beam, Inner Guard, Chaplain, Lecturing Knight

Lecturing Knight

Carolyn Dickman, Electrician (Russ)

Lodge Secretary

John Heaton, PER


Mavis Gilmore


William Geovanello, Esquire

Inner Guard

Josh Gascon

1 Year Trustee

Jason Twombly

2 Year Trustee

Lisa Herseim

3 Year Trustee

Russ Dickman (Carolyn)


Ron Justice

4 Year Trustee

Sandra Baker, Treasurer (Larry)

Assistant Esquire

Michael Killmer

5 Year Trustee

Mary Anne Paradise, Esquire, Leading Knight, Exalted Ruler

Assistant Chaplain

Janet Feldman

Justice Sub. Forum

William Keller (Francis)

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