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November:  a month to be thankful.  We are thankful for our friends, our "biologic" family, and our Lodge family.  We are also thankful for those brave souls who have given so very much in order that we can enjoy the liberty and lifestyle we have today.  November is a month for us to remember that "Freedom isn't Free".  Members of our own households have followed our flag across the seas, to the uttermost parts of the Earth, and paid the "supreme sacrifice".  We should daily thank and think of the brave men and women who protect our Flag and Country.  We will celebrate some of our "heroes" at our Veterans' Dance on November 13.  We will also respectfully "retire" some flags which have become "care worn" on November 11.  Be sure to check out the ECHO for all of the upcoming events.

We have come a long way from May 22, 2011; however, the road has been a long and rocky one, filled with potholes and "speed bumps".  We have lost many friends along the way, and their names remain inscribed on the tablets of love and memory, as well as in our hearts.  And we have gained so many new friends on this journey.  The members of the Webb City Lodge are the exemplification of "Brotherly Love" and "Fidelity". They opened their arms and the doors of their Lodge to us when we lost our Lodge home in the tornado of May 2011, and made us feel like "family". We owe them a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid.

We also greatly appreciate those at 4th Street Bowl who graciously "stepped up" to fill the void left by the loss of our building. Our legendary "Speed Bar" and "Slow Bar" are both gone, however the heart of Elkdom remains strong in Joplin.

Joplin Elks Lodge 501 is located at 1802 West 26th, in Joplin, Missouri. Lodge 501 was founded in 1899 and enjoys a heritage that is steeped with the best of Elk Traditions. Nestled in the Heart of the Ozarks in SouthWest Missouri, Joplin has a population of 46,000. The population within a 40 mile radius of Joplin is 400,000, making it Missouri's 4th largest metropolitan area.

We invite all guests of the web site to sign our guest book and please feel free to let us know how we are doing. Meetings are the second and fourth Thursdays of each month, and begin at 7pm.

Lodge Directions: 1802 W 26th Street Joplin MO

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