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Albuquerque Lodge 461 would like to Welcome and Thank You for visiting our web page.

Lodge Meetings second and fourth Tuesday, of each month starting at 7:00pm except July and August fourth Tuesday only. PER Association meets every second Tuesday at 6:15pm. Before our Lodge Meetings at 7:00pm. Our address is 2430 Centre Ave. SE. Albuquerque NM. 87106-4190 Phone No. 505-243-7895,7896 Fax. 505-243-7897,

NEW   e-mail is elks461@hughes.net.  Meeting nights Burger & Fries $6.00 starting at 5:30 PM.

Initiation fee for 21 yrs to 26 yrs is $37.50. Over 26 yrs $75.00. Our Annual dues are $60.00 plus G.L. $16.00 & State $2.75 Assessments.

Lodge Business Office Closed: Sunday, Monday.. Lodge Business hours are Tues. Wed. & Thur., 5:00 pm. Fri. 4:00 PM Club hours are 5:00 pm till? Tue., Wed. & Thurs.,Friday 4:00 pm till ?. $1.00 hot dogs & Happy Hour Prices.  Saturday Open 12:00 pm till?

ATTENTION ALL STRAY ELKS IN ABQ. Lodge 461 needs your support. Come by and talk to us or E-mail us, let us know if there is anything we can do to bring you Home. PLEASE GET ACTIVE IN ELKS AND CALL LODGE 461, FOR MORE INFORMATION. Call the Lodge Office at 505-243-7895.

Albuquerque Lodge, Exalted Ruler Shirley Lockyer for 2014-2015 welcomes you to our web site.

Officer of the Year: 2013-2014: Jimmie Fitzpatrick, PER, PDD, PSP.-----  Elk of the Year 2013-2014: Joe Farley.  

Citizenship Award: Geraldine Farley.

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