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Lodge Secretary - Jim Warrick


September 2017 Message

Twenty-five years is a milestone for any organization... In 1983, In celebration of our 25th year as a Lodge, Past Grand Exalted Ruler Horace Wisely agreed to be our Grand Marshal at our 4th of July Parade. During a special dinner in his honor on July 3rd, he proudly noted that he put his signature as Grand Exalted Ruler on our 2103 Elks charter in 1959. Some years earlier, Horace Wisely had also been the California-Hawaii State President the year the purple pig/California-Hawaii Elks Major project started.  

Now we are looking to 2018 when our Lodge will have its 60th Annual Fourth of July Parade and Celebration; also, nationally the Elks will celebrate 150 years. “United We Stand” will be the theme for our 60th Elks 4th of July Parade.  In reflection, we may well be proud of the rich history of patriotism and charity in our Lodge.

Some highpoints in our history…In the early 1980’s I was honored to sit next to General Jimmy Doolittle at a special awards dinner at the former Mather Air Force Base. During our conversation, I explained that I was the Carmichael Elks Exalted Ruler. General Doolittle then proceeded to talk about how he recognized the Elks as a great American patriotic organization.

During the dinner, I then met Medal of Honor winner BT Colliins. I asked him if he would grace our Fourth of July parade as Grand Marshal. The following year as thousands celebrated, BT started speaking in the Elks ballroom and a hush fell through the crowd. Here was an American who lost an arm and a leg and spoke not of himself, but of the good work the Elks have done for veterans and for our country.

      In 1983 a new group had just formed within the Lodge, they called themselves “The Renegades” The Lodge received an invitation to participate in the California State Fair’s opening day parade and the Renegades obliged. The Exalted Ruler of the Lodge also received an invitation to sit on the reviewing stand and then meet other people in the VIP tent. The Renegades float was full of cowboys and cowgirls in western attire laughing and singing. In the VIP tent, someone tapped me on the back-It was Governor George Deukmejian. “You have a very important job for a great organization”. I sputtered and tried to say something, but he said, “You know I am an Elk too.”

October 2017 Message

   Know someone who might be interested in being part of a storied American patriotic organization? Someone who like to socialize, have fun, and parlay good times into bettering our community and our nation? Membership applications are waiting for your friends, your family members, and other good people. The Lodge is enjoying a pleasant surge in membership growth as more and more candidates for membership discover the fun times and the good deeds of the Elks. 

     Platitudes of happy feelings happen through the positive spirit of leaders have who stepped forward with fidelity and benevolence: PER Ned Fox and Past Elk of the Year Debby Fox who inspire so many members to have the opportunity to demonstrate their talents; Past Elk of the Year and current Lodge Trustee Diane Bristow with so many clever and enjoyable projects: Trustees Karen Tuttle, Kay Carrigan and Shirley Gilmore who frequently roll up their sleeves in directing event traffic; Leading Knight Mike Hanson and his bride Susan who leading volunteers by precept and example; Mike Fox who stepped up to fill the Esquire’s position, Chairman of the Board of Directors Tom Ingle with careful attention to many property, financial, and contractual items, Tiler Shirley Reef and her faithful support in many Lodge activities, Inner Guard Steve Barker who readily helps, Treasurer and Attendance Chair Louise Gorman with faithful service, Loyal Knight and Lodge Activities Chair Erin Matz with conscious team spirit.

      Can’t say enough about the priceless friendship and amazing energy of our Lodge officers. The rich dessert of the Carmichael Elks, however, expands into many layers How about the gift of Donna Wheaton? Donna’s work in passing out Dictionaries to third graders throughout Carmichael has become legendary. She also readily helps as a substitute officer. Acting as an officer takes time, devotion, and understanding. Our Lodge is blessed to have so many devoted bright stars in our Carmichael Elk universe. Their conscientious contributions come with thoughts of taking care of our family of   fellow Elks.


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