District No. 7560

Officers Notes March 2015


I first want to thank the members for electing me as this coming years Exalted Ruler and for electing a strong core of officers. We are all eager to work together to take on the new challenges presented to us and to have a fun time meeting our responsibilities.

We have already begun planning an ambitious calendar of events such as fund raisers with breakfasts and dinners which may include drawings and raffles. Budgeted Children’s events including the fast approaching Easter Egg Hunt and the Halloween Party and Christmas Party where I hope to add activities that make them even more fun for the kids and their parents.

This is of course just a small sampling of the dozens of events we plan to present throughout the year. For these events to even be possible requires volunteers. Whether it be waiting on tables, hiding Easter eggs or delivering clothes to the veterans home, it takes the efforts of volunteers to make these events successful. If you have an interest in a certain event or just want to volunteer to help out wherever necessary, let me know and I’ll get you started in that direction.

To think that I have all the answers as to what it takes to increase our volunteerism would be a mistake. If you have your own ideas share them with me or bring them to a board meeting or present them on the floor of the lodge. There is no such thing as a silly idea. We simply look for ideas with a strong potential to be successful.

We are still in need of an Esteemed Loyal Knight. If you would like to share in the responsibility officers have in guiding the focus of the activities in our Lodge, please contact me.

Robin Holmes, Exalted Ruler 2015-2016

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