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Officers Notes October 2014



Hello Members -

Already October and the fall weather is setting in.

This year is going by so fast I can hardly keep up with everything that is going on. Sunday Football is going strong and everyone is really enjoying the breakfast and games. So come on down and enjoy the games with all your friends.

The DDGER’s visit went very well and we got a huge thank you for our hospitality. Everyone gave them a grand welcome and we got a solid pat on the back for everyone’s hard work throughout the year.


We’re going to be having a slam bang Halloween Party for the kids this year and I am sure that our Lecturing Knight, Brian Hartman will be needing lots of help in preparing and doing the Halloween Party. So please those of you that can volunteer to help please get in touch with Brian.


I went to the DDGER’s Clinic this last Sunday the 14th in Roseburg and he said a few things that reminded me of why I became an Elk. First off a bit of history and I realize that some of you have been Elks for a good many years so please bear with me because some of us might need reminding. Here are some history high-lights.


1. Elks began formation of the Order in 1867. A member died and left his family without any means of support. The loosely formed organization had up until that time been interested in the camaraderie, and the merriment of the order. Now there was a more pressing need for the Order to become a more enduring organization.


2. In February 1868 they established the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. As the popularity of the Order became more widely known, there was a demand for branches of the Order in other cities. The Elks asked the state of New York for a charter authorizing the establishment of a Grand Lodge with the power to establish local Lodges anywhere in the United States. When the Grand Lodge Charter was issued, the founders received the first local charter as New York Lodge No 1 in March of 1871, and has grown to over 2000 Lodges since then.


3. The Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks is one of the oldest and largest private organizations in the United States. The organization’s philanthropic leaning grew out of the founders’ desire to assist members in need. We, as Elks, have staged benefits for catastrophic events such as the Chicago fire, the Seattle fire, Oklahoma City bombing just to name a few. All of this on the national level, but accomplished only with the super human efforts of the local Lodges.


There are more great things that the Elks have done in the past and many more things that we will accomplish in the coming years. We here in Brookings do a lot of work in our own community such as for the Veteran Groups, The Christmas Food Basket Program, children’s Halloween and Christmas parties, Hoop Shoot, and the big one for the kids, The Easter Egg Hunt. It takes all of us as members to fulfill the numerous other programs that we support.


So bring your guest and show them what we stand for along with all the great fun we have here, Sunday Ticket Football, Monday Night Football, Taco Tuesday, Thursday BBQ, dancing and music to enjoy and let’s not forget about our great dinners at the lodge on Friday Nights.


On a final note, our State President Linda Repp, along with guest and visitors from throughout this great State of Oregon will be here on the 17th, 18th and 19th of October. Let’s all get out and welcome all our visitors to our Beautiful Lodge and make them all feel at home here.


 Remember, Elks Care, and Elks Share.

Taco Tuesdays and Friday night dinners are doing really well and Karaoke on Saturday nights is really hopping and fun. Come on down and enjoy the fun. Until then hope to see you in the lodge.

Randy Mitchem
Exalted Ruler 2014 - 2015



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