District No. 1080

Just Between Us Deers

Our monthly meeting was opened by Mary Gesquiere, 1st Vice during Marsha Meistrell-Duarte’s absence.  The opening prayer was given by Pat Howard and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Joan Grimsley.  Mary Lou Eleniewski introduced her guest, Orlando Rodriguez whose wife Pat was initiated into the Deers.  Thank you Mary Lou for sponsoring Pat Rodriguez.

By the time you read this, Father’s Day will have come and gone, but as President, I’d like to thank all the Deers who contributed their time, food and energy to making this event a success.

June is the time of the year that we Deers celebrate and thank our Past Presidents with a luncheon.  This year we had six Past Presidents in attendance.  Past Presidents in attendance were Judy Serrato, Nadene Sain, Mary Gesquiere, Joan Grimsley, Mary Simpkins and Joyce Taylor.  Thank you all for your past and current contribution to our wonderful Deers group.

Thank you to the Deers who provided the set-up, food, decorations and mystery gifts for the meeting.  I especially want to thank Diane Beggin and Mary Gesquiere for all they do to make these meetings successful.  They coordinate the set-up (and take down), food and decorations.  They arrive early and leave late.  Also thank you to all that were in attendance and please try to come again next month.

It seems like I always thank the Deers for the meeting set-up, etc. but I’d also like to recognize the committee chairmen who also contribute to the success of our organization: Joan Grimsley, Larry Isham, Alice Kerney, Joyce Taylor, Sharon Cavin, Melody Sprague, Pat Howard and Mary Simpkins.  And, of course all our members as we would not be the wonderful group we are without your participation and attendance!

Our next Deers meeting is on July 1st. It will be 4th of July/Picnic themed.  If you did not sign up to bring a dish, mystery gift or decorations, please contact Diane Beggin or Mary Gesquiere.

We are still looking for a secretary.  Please consider!  Contact one of the officers if you are interested.

Marsha Meistrell-Duarte, Deers President

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