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Just Between Us Deers

I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to the energetic Deers that prepared and put on such an outstanding Children’s Halloween Party on October 25th. There were Arts and Crafts, plenty of food and it ended with a Costume Contest.  What fun all the Children had.  Thanks goes to Marsha Meistrell, Judy Benning, Diane Beggin, Mary Gesquiere, Judy Serrato, and yours truly.

The Elks put on a fun Friday night Adult Halloween Party with a Costume Contest. It was very well attended. Our Night dinner/meeting was very successful and the food was enjoyed by all.  Several Baskets were raffled off and also a 50/50 was given away. This Dinner has been a tradition for many years and I hope it will continue.  We thank the Elks for being so generous, allowing us to use the beautiful dining room.  Our next big event will be the Children Christmas Party on December 14th from 11 AM to 1 PM.  We need lots of Santa’s Helpers. We need decorators, food preparers, shoppers and participation on this Special Day.  Call Diane Beggin at 310-370-6870 or Mary Gesquiere at 310-548-2980 to sign up as a helper.  This is such a Special Day for all the children.  What child doesn’t love receiving gifts?  Come forward and let’s make this the best Christmas Party ever!

We must remember to pray for those in need or trouble and be so thankful for the Great Country we live in and be kind and caring for all those around us in our life.  Everyone say a prayer for Ginny Browning as we miss her so much.  She has been a long-time supporter of the Deers and the Elks and needs our love and caring. Everyone have a blessed Christmas and help your fellow man when in need.  Remember, Brass name plate are still available for sale. Call Sharon Cavin at 310 322-7769. Merry Christmas to All. See you at the Parties.

Nadene Sain, Deers President

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