District No. 1080

Just Between Us Deers

Summer has come and gone and the Deers have been pretty busy helping with events at the Elks.  We started with Father’s Day BBQ, then Independence Day celebration, preparing and serving dinner to 150 Navy Personnel and the Elk Picnic to be held on September 7th in Veterans Park.  I really appreciate all the Deer Volunteers as well as all the Elk Members.  If anyone would like to join us to see what we are and do please join us on Wednesday, September 3rd at 11:45 AM for lunch and the business meeting.

We have a total of 70 members and would like to increase that number.  Contact Joyce Taylor, Membership Chairperson, at (310) 532-6373 or Nadene Sain, President, at (310) 379-5286.  Diane Beggin and Mary Guesquiere are planning future events for fun and to enhance our treasury.  Our August luncheon was especially good and we had 21 in attendance.  However, Mary Guesquiere had to adjourn the meeting due to my sudden illness which required a trip to the emergency room for me.  I am doing fine as the many tests prove to be negative, so I was released.  We will sing to our September Birthday’s, so please join us.  Enjoy the rest of the summer days!  Hope to see you soon.

Nadene Sain, Deers President

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