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Just Between Us Deers

Mary Gesquiere’s bus trip was an absolute success!  She made approximately $700.  We are sure lucky to have Mary in our organization; not only for this bus trip but for all the other things she does for the Deers and Elks.  Her time and food contributions are greatly appreciated.

Diane Beggin spoke to us about the Kids Christmas party and the need for gifts, etc.  She has a small budget this year and will need all our help.  I suggested putting small Christmas trees in the front lobby and by the back door decorated with cut-out ornaments listing girl or boy with age group, i.e., 1 year to 3 years. Members can choose an ornament from the tree and then bring an unwrapped gift to the Lodge along with the ornament and give them to Diane.

I have spoken with Sal Quijano and we are moving forward with partnering with Savers for a fundraiser whereby we collect goods to be weighed and receive cash for our used goods.  I’m not sure if Sal Quijano has presented it to the Elks, but Sal, Martha and I will be going next week to get more information and sign up for it. Personally, I have collected 27 13-gal trash bags of soft re-salable goods plus boxes of hard goods.  Diane Begin indicated she has close to half a room full.   Before Pat Howard moved to mid-California, she donated items.  I sold one of the items for $50.  She also donated silverware that needs to be appraised and sold.  Thank you Pat.  This will be a fundraiser with Elks and Deers so if anyone has any question, please feel free to call Marsha at 310-530-1130.

Our next Deers meeting is November 4th.  Don’t forget this is our Thanksgiving Dinner Meeting.  The meeting starts at 5 PM for cocktails with dinner at 6 PM.  Cost is $10 per person. 

Jeane Clarke has become a new Deer member.  It goes without saying, we would not be an organization without members and I thank all who have brought new members in.  You all contribute to our group meetings with food, mystery gifts and your time.

We are still looking for a secretary.  Please consider!  Contact one of the officers if you are interested.  As usual, I am looking forward to our next meeting and being with my Deer family.

Marsha Meistrell-Duarte, Deers President

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