District No. 1080

From the Station of the Leading Knight


Since charity is the greatest of all the virtues, those that perform benevolent acts will be recipients of the Leading Knight’s “Polite Society Award.”

I am proud to honor this person with my third “Polite Society Award”. This person has done everything from maintenance, to cleaning, to cooking, to weeding, to donating capital improvements to the Lodge. If there is a need, this person steps up!

This is a four year Elk that says “the best thing about being an Elk is giving back to the community and having the comradery at the Lodge.”

This person can be found on Memorial Day, Navy Day and Veterans Day setting up before the event and cleaning up after the event.  This person has even picked up the tabs for some of the men and women that have visited us on Navy Day.

This person has cooked on Summer Saturday Barbeques and on Monday and Thursday Night Football events. When there are things to be moved or things to be cleaned, you can find this person in the storage room under the building or cleaning the Esplanade Room.  You can even find this person assembling a ping pong table.  This member is also very much grounded.  This person can be found in the planters weeding in the assistance of Susie Q. or Gigi Isham.

Another accomplishment is the capital improvements this person has done for the Lodge.  These are improvements that were donated at no cost to the Lodge. This person’s generosity supports us on the South door porch and as we step around the South Bar. This person’s capital improvements are constantly getting walked on. If you play horseshoes, that was another capital improvement that was donated.

This person is another fine example of an Elk who acts diligently without praise.  If you ever speak with this person, this person may have a “long story” to share. 

I am proud and honored to give my third “Polite Society Award” to Larry Moore. Thank you Larry for the good deeds you do and thanks for leading by example. Thank you for the South Bar and rear porch carpet.  Now you have another long story to tell.

John Aube’, Esteemed Leading Knight

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