District No. 1080

From the Station of the Leading Knight

Our Memorial Day Celebration on May 26th turned out really great!  We had a great turnout and had forty volunteers show up to help set up and then in the afternoon there was another great turnout for tearing things down and putting it all away.  Bill Woodall and Karen Buchanan did a great job in organizing everything.  Jim Scott was like a troop leader in directing things.  Great Job to all!

The Friday night crowd is starting to grow and it sure seems like a happy crowd.  We have new Karaoke people and they sure seem to know what the crowd wants to hear.

Sasquatch is doing real good on his Thursday night events for the ENF.  Come on down and help support his efforts.  The food is Potluck and they have a lot of good food.

Our Governing Body meetings seem to be drawing a pretty fair following with more members showing up to sometimes voice their opinions on something or to make suggestions.  We welcome all constructive suggestions.  Our aim is complete transparency.

As your Officer Corps, we thank you for all your participation and positive team spirit.  There are times however, when the same negative complaints are brought up and the same answers given, only to have the same questions brought up again and again and again with the same definitive answers.  In these instances the urge to say “please pay attention or stifle it” is pretty strong.  As Officers, we will continue to be impartial, dedicated and respectful.

A suggestion box is being installed and if you want to make suggestions on bettering our lodge, by all means, make your feelings known.  Anyway, have a great and safe summer and come on down to the Lodge.  We’ll have something going on the 4th of July, which will be fun as well as patriotic.

Sal Quijano, Esteemed Leading Knight

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