District No. 1080

From the Station of the Leading Knight


This month’s “Polite Society Award” goes to a paradoxical person. This person is an extrovert, but benevolently, this person is an introvert. This person is always smiling and everyone knows when this person arrives in the South Bar as the room lights up. When this extrovert enters, this person makes a point to say hello to everyone in the room.

Socially, this person is very high profile, but benevolently, this person has a stealthy behavior. Here comes the introvert! Without even being noticed, this person arrives to help set up or help tear down during our special events. This person gets busy without recognition or praise. In fact, most don’t realize how much this person does because without direction, this person acts so swiftly that many don’t even notice.

Even if this person has to work and cannot attend the event, this person will still help out. In 2014, I began staking out the park for our annual picnic in the dark, and this person was the first one to come and help before the dawn. After a couple hours of work, this person then went to work, and returned after work at the end of the picnic to help tear down and clean up. And this year was a repeat.

This person can also be found at the Restoration Committee meetings and at the Tuesday Lodge meetings. Whether it is working the lights for Ritual or cleaning the Esplanade room, this person steps up without praise.

This person has a paradoxical behavior from benevolent stealth to the Friday night happy wanderer. 
On Fridays you will often see this person clapping or snapping fingers as this person happily walks about the room.  This person always has a positive attitude.

This person is kind and is never rude. This person is polite in benevolence and polite in socialization. This person cares to listen and provides comfort to those in distress. This person’s kindness is genuine. Without this person, I would not have been an Elk as this person was my sponsor. This person has also sponsored several others, and when in public, always speaks highly of our organization.  He is a proud Elk.

Who is this stealthy volunteer that lights up a room with snapping fingers and clapping hands.  I am proud and honored to give this month’s “Polite Society Award” to Ron Holbrook. Thank you Ron for the good deeds you do. Thanks for your compassion for your fellow man and thanks for leading by example.  You are truly a great Elk.

John Aube’, Esteemed Leading Knight

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