District No. 1080

From the Station of the Leading Knight


As the Loyal Knight I honored those Elks that stepped up in my “Judicial Spotlight”.  As this year’s Leading Knight, I want to honor those in our Lodge that exhibit charitable acts.  Remember, as the Ritual stipulates “charity is the greatest of all the virtues”.

Charity is the cornerstone of a polite society; therefore, those that perform benevolent acts will be featured as a recipient of the “Polite Society Award”.  Remember that charity comes in many forms. Of course we all understand financial charity, but even the poorest Elk can provide charity through compassion for another. A smile, an embrace, a kind ear or just plain and simple empathy are all acts of charity. We can lead virtuous lives by performing benevolence in our daily routine.  Acts of charity enriches our hearts and our soul. It provides us with warmth and comfort and sense of purpose. It is the gift that keeps on giving; It provides more joy to give, than to receive.

There is a saying that “charity begins at home”. As a fraternal family, let us all extend charity to our fellows Elks. If you would like to nominate an Elk for this award, please contact me.  Remember, charitable acts can be done individually, but collectively as well. A just society is a polite society.

Think about how lucky we are to live in freedom. Think about how lucky we are to live near the Southern California Ocean.  Think about how lucky we are to have a great Lodge with a great ocean view, adjacent to a park, a war memorial and the Pier.  We are lucky and I am lucky.

I am lucky....because I have had the finer things in life, but I can still be happy with just the basics.
I am lucky....because I have been loved unconditionally, and I have loved unconditionally.
I am lucky....because I understand that life is fragile, but true love is not frail.
I am lucky....because I understand that having it all, has nothing to do with having it all.
I am lucky....because I have made success out of failure, when others have failed to appreciate success.
I am lucky....because I know truth is easy to remember while lies must be memorized.
I am lucky....because I understand that love doesn't end when life does.
I am lucky....because I know beauty comes from your soul and not from your appearance.
I am lucky....because I can still be positive even when things are negative.
I am lucky....because I love many and hate no one.
I am lucky....because I have developed a passion for compassion.
I am lucky....because I do not know the future which is why I embrace the present.
I am lucky....because in my sorrow in losing my true love, I realize how lucky I was to have had a true love.I am lucky....because I have friends who really care to understand and understand how to care.
I am lucky…because I understand that giving is better than receiving.
I am lucky…because I know the love, the power, and the grace of a polite society.
I am lucky....because of the charitable people in the Redondo Beach Elks!

John Aube’, Esteemed Leading Knight

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