District No. 1080

From the Station of the Exalted Ruler

August was a very busy Month at the Lodge. First was our Annual Car Show and Chili Cook-off. What a great DAY! Thanks to Drew and Debra. They really worked hard to make it a success and it turned out great. Don't miss it next year! The Chili Cook-off was won by Mary Gesquiere by popular vote and by Patricia Hertica by decision of the Chili Judges.

Navy Day was another great success. This was a great effort led by Peter Dabbieri, Jim Overstreet and Diane Beggin. What a great turnout! Everybody helped with either food, deserts or donating money for drinks for our Service Members. They loved it, we loved it and it turned out great! The Navy presented the Lodge three plaques for our effort in honoring them. We will hang them in the Hallway or in the Lobby. I vote for the lobby. So many members helped out that I can't thank them all individually, but you know who you are, so give yourselves a pat on the back and again, thank you!

Our Lodge will be visited by our District Deputy, Grand Exalted Ruler, Dave Trumbull with his staff on August 31st for a business meeting and then on September 1st at the Lodge Meeting. Officers and Committee Chairmen, please have your reports ready to present to him! I would like to ask all members to show up for this meeting, not only to meet him, but whichever Lodge brings out the most members to the Lodge meeting that night, will be presented with a plaque, OK, SO LETS WIN IT!!

We initiated ten new members in August. That is great! Keep it up! Bring them in.

Sal Quijano, Exalted Ruler

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