District No. 1080

From the Station of the Exalted Ruler

Well, the holidays are here.
October and November were very fast Months.  As soon as the Halloween Party was done, we went to the mid-term convention in Riverside.
Backing up, Halloween was pretty darn good.  We had 80 to 90 members and their guests show up (mostly in costumes), we served good food, had good Karaoke and good fun was had by all.  The costumes were terrific, but the comradery was outstanding. Everybody was super friendly and what the heck, isn't that what it's all about?  Thank you to all who participated and those who helped with the setups and the food.  Where would we be without you?
Mid-term Convention also came and went, and as usual, they are very informative.  This one was held in Riverside.  Not too far from home and it was only two days, but was packed with good information.  The agenda will be posted in the lodge so that you may know what the topics were and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
December is also a very busy Month.  First, we will have our annual Memorial Service in honor of our members who have passed on.  I hope you can attend.  It is short and a very sincere event.  We will be having only three meetings this month.  The fourth Tuesday will be for the "fun and games" and the fifth Tuesday will be dark except the So. Bar will be open.
On December the 19th, the Children’s Christmas party will start at Noon and the Adult Christmas party will be at 5 PM.  Bring your Kids to see Santa Claus.  More information will be posted in the Elktivities that Karen Buchanan emails out every Monday morning.  If you don't receive this very informative email every Monday morning, call Karen directly or send her an email stating that you want to be included in the mailing.
Don't forget our New Year’s Eve party.  Come on down and help bring in the New Year.

Sal Quijano, Exalted Ruler

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