District No. 1080

From the Station of the Exalted Ruler

Welcome to the 2014-2015 Redondo Beach Elks Lodge Fraternal Year!!! As we install our new corps of Officers, I say, "thank you," to all of the 2013-2014 Officers for their dedication and I would like to thank the members who have stepped up to taking on Lodge Officer roles this year and thank you all to have supported us in our quest to do so.

It was a true delight to see all of the members who came out to vote in this years election of officers. We have not had that many people come to a Lodge meeting in a very long time. I will do my best to honor the faith that the members have placed in my leadership for the next Fraternal Year. We will have a lot of activities this year, some old and some new. It is our goal to have activities that span all genres of our membership.

We have lots of opportunity for anyone interested in joining or chairing our various committees. It takes a lot of help to run our Lodge and programs, and as you have placed your trust in me, I will be asking for your support in our activities and Lodge programs.

The 2014 - 2015 Officers of Redondo Beach Elks Lodge #1378 look forward to serving our members humbly and positively. To the members who are reading this from places afar, thank you for your continued support of and membership in Lodge 1378. To the members reading this from places near by, thank you for your support and membership, and I hope to see you at the Lodge as often as you are able. Together, we will accomplish great things this year. Remember, it is a better place when you are there.


Erik Blomquist, Exalted Ruler

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