District No. 1080

From the Station of the Exalted Ruler

Time is flying! Here we are already into August!  The Grand Lodge Convention is now history.  It went so fast, so many reports to listen to and to try and scribble notes about and so much voting.  It was a great experience, but for me, the highlight of it all was seeing Dave Turnbull getting installed as the District Deputy of our District.  Have a Great Year Dave!

Before the Convention, our Lodge had our Independence Day celebration and we had about 110 people, but not hardly a crowd at one time.  The crowd was sparse most of the day.  We should have had a crowd all day long like we had 10 or 15 years ago.  This place used to get packed and stay that way.  Times have changed.  All Officers would always show up for ALL events.  We have over 550 members and very few were there to celebrate the birth of our country.  Our special thanks to Mary Gesquiere, who did the cooking of the hamburgers and hot dogs and made a delicious potato salad; my wife Martha made two cakes and great pot of beans and a macaroni salad.  Linda Williams took care of the door and sold all the tickets and took care of the money. 

Our special thanks to Susie Q and Diane Beggin for always doing things around the Lodge.  They are great ELKS!

Mark your calendar for August 1st as our 2nd annual car show will be held in the parking lot.  It is being headed up by our Leading Knight, John Aube.  We will also have a chili cook-off contest.  Join in the chili cook off or cook it at home and bring some to share.

Most important: We are celebrating NAVY DAYS again this year on August the 8th.  The Armed Forces personnel are scheduled to start arriving at 5 PM.  Please come on down and volunteer to help and for sure bring a dish or two to serve to them.  We will also be hosting a USO show in the Lodge Room.  We are having a rental in the Dining Room and we will need volunteers to re-direct our Navy and Marine guests out of that area and to keep the wedding party from our South Bar area.  So much for now.

Sal Quijano, Exalted Ruler

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