District No. 1080

From the Station of the Exalted Ruler

I was officially installed as Exalted Ruler on April 7th.  It rained a lot that night!  I hope that means good luck.  I hope to have a great year and it can be that, if you let me. By that, I mean, I need your total support in everything. I hope to leave the Lodge a better place next year.  But I can only do that if you support me.  Anytime I am in the Lodge the Exalted Rulers Office will be open to you to come in and talk.  Especially if something is bothering you.  We have a good Corps of Officers and we are all dedicated to the betterment of the Lodge.  Come on down and support your Lodge.  As Officers we hope to have more fundraisers and or events that you will all enjoy!  Come on down and have some fun.  If you think of any event that we should put on, let us know and at least, we'll talk about it.

In my report last month, I missed something very important.  I wanted to give accolades to the Deers for all their support they give the ELKS and in helping the Lodge with most of our functions.  What a great group of Ladies (and Gentlemen) they are!   They are always in the background and don't get the recognition they deserve.

Also, The Brew Crew has disbanded and I for one, am sorry that they are no more.  They did a lot for the Lodge in their four years.  They painted the Lodge Room, the Main Dining room and many other places that needed a touch up.  They remodeled the Ladies rest room and supported events such as Memorial Day, helped set up for Lodge Picnics, Veterans Day and a number of other things.  You will see some of them still doing work around the Lodge occasionally.  Thank You Guys!

One more thing!  The Lodge now has five hundred thirty eight members as of April 1st.  Yay!!  But where are they?  Come on members, you joined the Lodge for a reason.  You have to start showing up for our weekly meetings.  Believe it or not, the meetings are for your benefit, so you can know what is going on first hand!

Sal Quijano, Exalted Ruler

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