District No. 1080

From the Station of the Exalted Ruler

Members, A great day to you!  Here we are in July already.  With July, comes the celebration of Independence of the greatest country in the World.  GO U.S.A!  Please join us on Friday, July 4, 2014 to celebrate that Independence with food, fun and fireworks.

A big thank you to the Deers for hosting the annual Fathers’ Day BBQ.  Good fun and fellowship was had by all.

July also brings us to our annual Grand Lodge convention.  We will be attending the convention in New Orleans, LA this year.  It’s always a fun opportunity to meet Elks from all over the country and to discuss the differing ways our Lodges go about running their clubs and activities.

I would like to recognize and thank our Scouting Chairman, Wally Graves and the members of our Boy Scout Troop who presented the History of our Flag and the Historic flags during our annual observance of Flag Day.  The members or our Order may well be proud, that due to the efforts of the ELKS, Flag Day is on the calendar and officially recognized on June 14th annually.

I was pleased to learn, and extend my thanks to our Club staff, and especially to our Club Inventory controller, Joe Sapienza for bringing our pour cost down 14% in just sixty days since the beginning of this Fraternal Year.  Keep it up, you are all doing a fantastic job.

Finally, I wish to thank the members of Lodge 1378 for their support of our programs, the club, the officers and of Elkdom.  Without you as members, we would not have an Order or a Lodge to call Redondo Beach Elks #1378.  I will see you down at the Lodge, remember, it’s a better place when you are there.


Erik Blomquist, Exalted Ruler, PER

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