District No. 1080

From the Station of the Exalted Ruler

Our District Vice President, Judy Sutton, visited our Lodge on June 9th, for her annual formal visitation of the district Lodges.  All committee Chair Persons prepared reports for their respective committees.  All in all, we did very good.  Thank you committee chairpersons.

During the month of June the Lodge celebrates Flag Day.  The Boy Scouts participate with our lodge by presenting the flags that have flown as symbols of our country through-out the years.  We now have fifty states represented within the flag in the form of stars.  We should all be proud of our Country’s flag.  Our chairman of the night was our most recent PER, Erik Blomquist, reached the level of Eagle Scout during his time in the Scouts.

For the Month of July, we would like to start a once a month fund raiser by having a pot luck at the lodge on Saturday the 4th of July. Personally, with your support, we can have some very successful weekends this summer.  We might have themes such as Mexican spreads, Italian spreads or whatever pleases the members.  We could have a DJ if you wish.....or not.  I'm hoping that a lot of you gifted and creative people will have some great suggestions.  We're certainly open to your suggestions. Let's have fun at these once a month events and at the same time generate some needed revenue!  Let's start July 4th.

The next day, my wife Martha (First Lady) and I will fly to Indianapolis for the annual Grand Lodge Convention. I will make a report to the Lodge on the new things coming up for the Elks when we return.

Sal Quijano, Exalted Ruler

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