District No. 1080

From the Station of the Lecturing Knight

Three Active-duty ships sailed into the L.A. Harbor the week of August 3rd. The USS Bunker Hill was guided into the Harbor, then came the USS Cape St George both guided missile cruisers and the USS Halsey, a guided missile destroyer, arrived in port and parked in front of the Battleship USS Iowa. What a display and a sight to see. The three ships were welcomed by thousands of touring people during the weekend. What a sight to see and hear the Al Malaikah Shrine Temple Band play patriotic favorites from the deck of the USS Iowa as the historic World War II ship shot off blanks from its 5-inch guns. Then on Saturday night a large number of Sailors arrived at our Lodge and our members received them with open arms preparing food (Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and various other foods.) And yes, plenty of Beer. The Lodge members created a very festive atmosphere for our visitors. When we as members perform community services such as this it makes me very proud to be an Elk.

On to another topic. Did you know that only a very few sincerely attempt to bring new members into our Lodge. As the Membership Chairman in our Lodge, I am asking that more of you members strive to bring in new members. JUST ASK SOMEONE!

Grady Sain

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