District No. 1080

From the Station of the Lecturing Knight

As of the first of October, we are one half of the way through the Lodge Year.  There have been many things accomplished and there are many more that we hope to finish before the end of March.

As many of you know, the remodeling committee has been meeting over the last couple of months and has made some progress in identifying and prioritizing the projects for making the lodge a nicer place for the members.  I want to thank John Aubé’ and Linda Williams for their efforts in organizing the committee.  However, we have heard some complaints that things were not being done as they should be, as well.  Consider this.  It is extremely unlikely that changes will be made the way you like them if you don’t let the committee know what changes you would like to see.

I mention the remodel committee, but this is a situation that is true for all of the activities at the lodge.  The more involved each of us is in giving our opinions using the tools provided, i.e., in the case of the remodeling committee, using the suggestion forms that have been distributed and are available, the greater the chance that the outcome will be what we expect and with which we will be happy.

The bottom line is the more involved we are in the activities of the lodge, the more likely we will see the results we desire.  Let’s not bicker and complain, let’s work together to make the lodge the place we want.

Sincerely, Your sister and Esteemed Lecturing Knight,

Gigi Isham

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