District No. 1080

From the Station of the Lecturing Knight

Happy New Year to all! We have made it through one more year. I wish you peace and happiness throughout 2015. January 1st also marks completion of three quarters of the lodge year. Perhaps it is time to begin reviewing some of the progress we have made to improve the lodge.

The walk in cooler has been a maintenance problem for many years. It has been estimated that the cooler was purchased used when it was installed making it older than the building which was dedicated in 1956, 58 years ago. The new cooler has been purchased, but installation has been delayed due to a leak in the roof over the spot where it will be placed. Hopefully, the problem will be rectified and the cooler will be installed.

The By-Laws have been revised to bring them into conformance with the Grand Lodge Statutes. Preparation for the changes is a lengthy and time consuming process culminating in a lengthy meeting to obtain lodge approval. That is now behind us. We should all thank Linda Williams and the committee for their time and effort.

The remodeling committee has been formed and has made some progress. There are many facets to this effort and visible progress may be slow to appear, but a great deal of effort has been expended and I am sure there will be a great deal more before it is finished. John Aube’, our Esteemed Loyal Knight and the remodeling committee deserves our thanks, as well.

These are three of the more prominent efforts that have occurred this year. There are many others to which numerous people have devoted a lot of their personal time to improve the lodge. We should all keep in mind that it is through the dedication and perseverance of a relatively few volunteers that the lodge keeps functioning. Let’s all try to remember to thank those that do give their time and effort for the benefit of all of us.

Sincerely, Your sister and Esteemed Lecturing Knight,

Gigi Isham

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