District No. 1080

From the Station of the Lecturing Knight

It makes me very happy to see all of you who come to the Lodge on Friday nights.  It is great to see happy people having fun and getting along with each other.  This is Brotherly Love.

Independence Day is on a Friday this month, so plan to join us for the festivities.  If the weather cooperates, we should be able to see fireworks from the South Bar.

Independence Day, July 4, is the day we celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.  John Adams, one of the delegates to the Continental Congress and our second president, thought we should celebrate July 2 because that was the day the decision was made to declare the split with England. But the actual document took a few days to write, and it was adopted on July 4.  It actually took several more days for all of the delegates to sign it, but July 4 has been the anniversary that has been celebrated since 1777.

As we enjoy ourselves with the fireworks, picnics and barbeques, let us also remember the bravery and determination of the men who, because they put their lives on the line 239 years ago, gave us the opportunities we enjoy today.

Happy Independence Day!

Sincerely, Your sister and Esteemed Lecturing Knight,

Gigi Isham

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