District No. 1080

From the Station of the Lecturing Knight

Dear Members All, I hope this coming year will be a Healthy and Prosperous one for all!  April, 29 years ago I was installed as the Lecturing Knight.  There has been no change in that station’s responsibility and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve that position once again.  Since I returned to the Redondo Beach Lodge a few years ago there are a few things that really bother me.  I am addressing these comments to the 35 or so members that normally come to the Tuesday Night Meetings.  In that group we have some satisfactory members and others needing improvements as to the understanding and practicing the virtues of Brotherly Love.  

It appears to me that far too many of us never really understood what the Lecturing Knight Station is all about.  Each and every one of us took the Oath before the Alter and by golly we apparently never analyzed the true meaning of what we swore to.  To be honest with you, Brotherly Love is nonexistent in some of our circles and that my friends really bothers me.  Let me request that each of us review the oath you took in front of the Alter and then look yourself in a mirror and ask yourself if you really practice what was said at the Lecturing Knight Station.  Some of us are not even coming close.  If we can make some progress with Brotherly Love our Lodge will be a much better place.  I ask for your support!  We all can do better.

Grady Sain

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