District No. 9400

House Rules


The following rules, regulations and policies are adopted and promulgated by the Board of Trustees of Raymond Lodge #1292 of the Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks:


The full government of the Club and the care and control of its property shall be vested in the House Committee.
The House Committee shall appoint a Manager who shall have full charge of the Club Room and the property therein contained and under the direction of the House Committee shall be responsible for the enforcement of these rules.


The lounge shall be open from 3:00 PM until 11:00 PM Monday through Thursday but remain open until 1:45 Am should patronage warrant, and from 3:00 PM Friday until 1:00 AM Saturday and from 12:00 Noon Saturday until 1:00 AM Sunday. The Lounge may be open on Sundays by making prior arrangements with the Manager.

Any Member who seeks admission by using the door buzzer will be required to display his membership card on each occasion of so using.

The lounge shall be closed and vacated during the hours of all sessions of this Lodge and during the funeral services of a deceased member of the Lodge or a Sister Lodge for whom this Lodge conducts the service.

The bar will close promptly at 1:45 AM all days of operation. All glasses must be off the tables by 2:00 AM. The building must be vacated by 2:30 AM.


Only paid up members can use the club facilities. No dropped or delinquent member can be signed in as a guest.

Club facilities are open to members and their out-of-town guests. Local guests will be limited to four (4) visits per year and all guests must leave at the time of the sponsor.

The sponsoring member must register guests. The member is responsible for the conduct of his/her guests. Members and guests must conduct themselves with decorum. Members and guests must be in appropriate dress.

Spouses with Identification Cards may enter and use the lounge. These cards are available upon request, in writing, of a member for his/her spouse. Widows of Members may request and be granted an Identification Card provided their deceased spouse was in good standing at the time of death.

Visiting Elks in good standing must register their names in the Club Register.


All liquor shall be dispensed in accordance with the Washington State Liquor Control Board rules and regulations. The bartender shall have the right to refuse service to anyone. No drinks shall be served while the Lodge is in session. During such time, television must be turned off and no machines or games shall be played.

Liquor shall be permitted in the Lodge room only on special occasions and then only upon prior permission of the House Committee.

Members or guests will not be permitted to bring liquor on premises.


Members may draw by check $25.00 at the bar. The Club Manager will handle any additional, or larger amounts. Any NSF checks will result in a fifteen (15) dollar processing fee.


Books, magazines, periodicals or newspapers must not be removed from the Club. Clippings shall not be taken there from.

No persons shall remove from the Club Room, any property of the Club Room and any Member marring or destroying the same, or any part thereof, shall be personally liable for the full value thereof, or any damage of such property, such determination shall be made by the House Committee, whose decision shall be final.


Club employees shall not drink, dance or play machines while on duty. Rude, boisterous or profane language, or other disruptive conduct is strictly prohibited within the premises.

No employee or contractor of the club many sign in guests while on duty, regardless if he or she is a member.


All complaints, whether against the conduct of a member while in the Club Room or lounge or the employees, or regarding the service, must be made to the House Committee in writing, and no cognizance will be given such complaints unless so submitted. Any suggestions for the betterment of the Club will be welcomed and consideration by the House Committee as well. The Members are requested to notify the Manager of all dereliction of duty, or lack of courtesy on the part of any employee or attendant.


The House Committee on recommendation of the Manager has the authority to suspend any member from Club Privileges for any infraction of the above rules.

Violations or failure to obey House Rules shall be cause for disciplinary action by the Subordinate Forum, Sec. 5, Article 6, By-Laws of Raymond Lodge #1292 and Grand Lodge Statutes, Sec. 8.010.

An obligation rests with each member of the Lodge to familiarize themselves with these rules, and accord a ready and courteous acquiescence to all their provisions.


Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination and is a violation of Federal and State laws. It is considered by Members of Raymond Elks Lodge #1292 as conduct unbecoming and Elk and under Grand Lodge Statutes can result in expulsion from the Order.

It is the policy of Raymond Elks Lodge #1292 to provide and maintain a working environment free from discrimination and harassment on the basis of sex, race or any other status pretested by law. Lodge Members and employees are expected to maintain a workplace which is free from unlawful discrimination and to conduct themselves in such a way as to insure that no discrimination occurs in any action with respect to hiring, firing, compensation benefits, promotion, reclassifications, disciplinary actions or any other working conditions. Harassment and discrimination undermine the integrity of the employment relationship and the self-esteem of the individual to whom they are directed. All employees must be allowed to work in an environment free from unsolicited and unwelcome comments or conduct. Any member who knows of harassment or discrimination will take appropriate steps under the Lodge policy and procedure to correct of stop such misconduct. Any current member or employee conduct, which violated this policy, will not be condoned and will be subject to disciplinary action.

No Member or employee will attempt to influence, control, or otherwise affect the career, salary, job task or performance of an employee who will intentionally make or engage in any verbal comments, gestures or physical conduct of a nature which are interpreted as unwelcome, offensive or harassing in nature.

Sexual harassment may be defined as any unwelcome advance, request for favors and/or any other objectionable verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

Any conduct or communication that could indicate, either implicitly or explicitly, to the employee, that submission to such conduct is a term or condition of the individual's continued employment.

Any implication that submissions or rejection of such conduct will be used as a basis for employment decisions.

Conduct weather on or off the Lodge premises that has the purpose of effect of unreasonable interfering with an individuals work performance or creating an intimidating. Hostile or offensive working environment.

Any form of retaliation against anyone for having made a complaint of harassment.

Adopted this 17th day of October 2000

Exalted Ruler Joseph C. Basil
Leading Knight Charles Overbay
Loyal Knight Matthew B. Nordin
Lecturing Knight Raymond Robinson
Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gerald Heintz
Trustee John E. Dunsmoor
Trustee Alan Nevitt
Trustee Edward Norman
Trustee Larry ToppingE

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