Never Alone: An exclusive comic presented by Marvel and the Elks

The "Avengers" are helping the Elks combat Bullying, Under Age Drinking and the Abuse of Pharmaceutical Drugs. The Avengers battle alien robots to show our children that if are being Bullied and pressured to use Alcohol and Pharmaceutical drugs you can always find help and that you are "Never Alone" because help is available and do not be afraid to ask for that help.

The printed version is not yet available but soon will be sent to schools across the country who have requested that Marvel education material be sent to them.

Spread the word that you are "Never Alone" and someone will always be ready to help you lead a safe and drug free life.

Hard Choices: An exclusive comic presented by Marvel and the Elks

Check out the UR Choice UR Voice edutainment training program, the brainchild of Milton "Bigg Milt" Creagh.

The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks welcomes you to the resource center for the Elks National Drug Awareness Program - the largest volunteer drug awareness program in the United States. We are very proud of our dedicated army of volunteers who freely give their time and talents to this most noble cause. The Elks are committed to eliminating the use and abuse of illegal drugs by all members of society and believe that in order to ensure a bright future for our country, it is essential that our children be raised in a drug-free environment.

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  • The suburbs are the latest battleground for heroin. Can this video game-like software help save lives?

    Date Posted: 9/3/2015
    a new interactive software program being used in the suburbs of Chicago to teach middle school and high school kids about heroin. Chris and Alex are fictional, but Alex’s story is based on the real life of Bill Patrianakos, a high school honor student who grew up in a middle-class suburb outside Chicago and enrolled in a pre-med program his first year of college.
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  • Teens may not drink or smoke if friends are counseled not to

    Date Posted: 8/25/2015
    Teens may be less likely to drink and smoke if their friends participate in substance abuse prevention programs, a recent U.S. study suggests. Researchers focused on sixth graders in rural communities in Pennsylvania and Iowa who attended schools that offered seven weeks of counseling to both students and parents to see if kids who didn’t participate in this program might still benefit from it.
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  • US heroin use jumps as costs drop, prescription opiate use rises

    Date Posted: 7/28/2015
    Heroin overdose deaths in the United States nearly quadrupled between 2002 and 2013, fueled by lower costs as well as increased abuse of prescription opiate painkillers
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  • The Scariest Thing About Synthetic Drugs Is Everything That’s Unknown

    Date Posted: 7/28/2015
    Synthetic drugs have been around for years. Also known as “synthetic cannabinoids,” the term encompasses a range of mind-altering chemicals that are constantly evolving and are marketed in wildly divergent ways, sometimes as marijuana substitutes on the streets and as incense in convenience stores
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  • Today’s Heroin Epidemic

    Date Posted: 7/28/2015
    Heroin use has increased across the US among men and women, most age groups, and all income levels. Some of the greatest increases occurred in demographic groups with historically low rates of heroin use: women, the privately insured, and people with higher incomes. Not only are people using heroin, they are also abusing multiple other substances, especially cocaine and prescription opioid painkillers.
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  • Elks DAP Program Introduces New Contest and Themes

    Date Posted: 7/13/2015
    The Elks' Drug Awareness Program has introduced new themes for each of its contests, including the brand-new Video Contest for kids!
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