Announcing the 2012 Gunther & Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship Winners

The ENF is proud to announce the 2012 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship recipients. Thanks to the generosity of Mrs. Gunther Weigel, the following six Elks scholars will each receive $20,000 to help them pursue their dreams of becoming doctors.

Amy Haldeman Cohee
2003 Most Valuable Student sponsored by Waynesboro, Pa., Lodge No. 731
Medical School: East Tennessee State, Quillen Medical
Specialty: Family Medicine

Why this specialty? “I would like to practice in a rural primary care setting, most likely as a family practice physician. Because I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, I have been exposed to some of the attitudes toward health and health care that often characterize rural communities.”

What did your ENF scholarship mean to you? “I recognize that I have been given an experience that I likely could not have provided for myself. In gratitude for the contribution that so many individuals have made to my education, I hope to pay that gift forward to others.”

Eraj Din
2008 Most Valuable Student sponsored by Elgin, Ill., Lodge No. 737
Medical School: Rosaline Franklin University of Science and Medicine
Specialty: Pediatrics/Neonatal

Why this specialty? “Through my service involvements, I have worked closely with young children. My career choice will compliment my service work and provide me with the opportunities to give back.”

What did your ENF scholarship mean to you? “The Elks National Foundation and its scholarship symbolize hope in my life. The Elks National Foundation gave my parents hope when they feared their child might not be able to pursue an education. This foundation has inspired me to pursue my dream career and one day help others to do the same.”

Raza Hasan
2008 Most Valuable Student sponsored by Essex, Md., Lodge No. 1866
Medical School: University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Medicine
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Why this specialty? “Internal medicine is a cornerstone of preventative medicine—trying to help patients escape the infection of disease, or to provide treatment before symptoms worsen.”

What did your ENF scholarship mean to you? “All Elks scholars, although very diverse, share a similar basic belief, a certain goal: their aspiration to try their hardest and aim for the best. With this motivation and drive, Elks scholars are able to dream and fulfill their ambitions. By the grace of the Elks scholarship, I was able to fund my undergraduate education, without having to limit my dreams financially.”

Megan Maguire-Marshall
2008 Legacy sponsored by Gallup, N.M., Lodge No. 1440
Medical School: University of New Mexico School of Medicine
Specialty: Family Medicine and Rural Medicine

Why this specialty? “I grew up in Gallup, New Mexico, a culturally rich, but economically poor community. Communities like Gallup have limited resources and struggle to hold on to heal care providers, teachers, and other professionals for extended periods of time. I believe I can contribute to health professional shortage areas like my hometown by being a primary care provider.”

What did your ENF scholarship mean to you? “While a tuition scholarship made it possible for me to attend an expensive institution away from my home state of New Mexico, there was still a financial burden on my family to pay for room, board, fees and textbooks, which the ENF scholarship allowed me to meet.”

Sean Maiolo
2000 Most Valuable Student sponsored by Prescott, Ariz., Lodge No. 330
Medical School: University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix
Specialty: Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Why this specialty? “As a soldier and Emergency Medical Technician, I have seen firsthand the lifelong effects of disfiguring traumatic injuries. My greatest desire is to build a reconstructive plastic surgery practice dedicated to giving hope to soldiers, trauma victims, and children suffering from disfiguring injuries and birth defects.”

What did your ENF scholarship mean to you? “As a first generation college graduate, I understand that not everyone with the motivation and desire to help others has the opportunity to pursue a higher education. Without the generosity of organizations like the Elks, I would not have been able to attend the school of my choice.”

Lindsay Poston
2006 Most Valuable Student sponsored by Woodland, Calif., Lodge No. 1299
Medical School: Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago
Specialty: Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

Why this specialty? “My time working in free community health clinics has opened my eyes to a great dearth of primary care physicians. I’m particularly passionate about primary care because unlike many specialties, it can be preventative rather than reactive.”

What did your ENF scholarship mean to you? “Being an Elks scholar means being supported by—and being a part of—a community that share my values and commitment to serving others. No matter where I am living, I fondly read the updates and stories of scholars like me and I feel connected to something bigger. In this way, the Elks National Foundation has nurtured, challenged and inspired me.”

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