An At-Large Addition to the Elks Family

The Elks National Foundation is pleased to announce a new at-large member of the Scholar Advisory Board, Nishitha Karumuri. Karumuri joins the 2021-22 SAB cohort for a two-year term.

Karumuri is a 2019 MVS scholar sponsored by Statesville, N.C., Lodge No. 1823. She is studying health policy management at University of North Carolina. Karumuri dives into every encounter she has with an open mind, open heart and a focus on creating a safe, encouraging space—qualities that will both make her a tremendous asset on the SAB and in her future career in hospital management. Karumuri joins two other at-large representatives on the Board: 2017 MVS scholar Jacob Fritche and 2003 MVS scholar and 2018 Elks Scholar Alum of the Year Shaan Ghandi.

Though Karumuri received her scholarship in 2019, her connection with the Elks family grew during the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year, the ENF launched virtual programming for Elks scholars, and Karumuri attended every event.

“I met a group of amazing, determined, service-oriented people like me, yet they came from all around the country and all walks of life,” Karumuri says. “Soon, being an Elks scholar was more than being financially supported. Elks scholars are a community of the brightest minds of our generation.”

As the world began to reopen, Karumuri’s relationships with the Elks and scholar community morphed from virtual events on Zoom to an in-person service trip this summer in Santa Monica—and she shows no sign of slowing down.

“I had the opportunity to meet some Elks scholars in person during the Santa Monica service trip,” Karumuri says. “I had interacted with these amazing scholars over Zoom but to meet them in person took my breath away. Having the opportunity to visit three different Lodges in the area really solidified what being an Elks scholar meant to me.”

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