Welcome New Freshmen to the SAB

The Elks National Foundation is pleased to announce two new members of the Scholar Advisory Board: Jed Quiaoit, the first-year Most Valuable Student representative, and Corey Lallo, the first-year Legacy Awards representative. Both will provide insight and perspective in their role for four years.

Sponsored by Vista, Calif., Lodge No. 1968, Jed Quiaoit is a 2021 MVS scholar and first-generation student studying biomedical engineering and biotechnology at Tufts University. Quiaoit believes in paying it forward—he serves as a mentor helping first-generation, low-income high school seniors navigate the college admissions and financial aid process.

He is also a content and curriculum intern for Fiveable, Inc.; there, he hosts more than 25 virtual lectures on AP Biology and World History, and he holds virtual office hours for AP Biology students. In addition, Quiaoit serves as an on-call teaching assistant for an online SAT prep cluster. Even with his packed schedule, Quiaoit found time to connect with the Elks family through virtual scholarship programming, as well as on the Santa Monica service trip.

“My experience in Santa Monica taught me that to be an Elks scholar is to be part of a lifetime, self-actualizing journey in which you get to cherish the smallest acts of kindness you share with volunteers, youth and adults alike,” says Quiaoit. “My fellow scholars are the next generation of public servants, humanitarians, and positive changemakers, and I want to engage with them every opportunity I can.”

Corey Lallo’s grandfather is a 30-year member of Muskegon, Mich., Lodge No. 274 and sponsored Lallo’s Legacy Awards application.

“I've grown up at the Elks,” Lallo says. “After my family moved in 2007, no trip home felt complete without a visit. I always feel a sense of community and connection when in this environment.”

Lallo is a first-year student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying computer science. When he’s not in class, he shares his musical talents on stage or in the choir. Lallo also harnessed his unending enthusiasm and energy on the Chicago service trip this past July.

Quiaoit and Lallo will join the Board for the first 2021-2022 meeting in Chicago this November. Check back for updates on the important work the board does for Elks scholar engagement initiatives throughout the year.

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