A New Legacy

We are proud to announce the newest members of the Elks family—The 2017 Legacy Winners! These scholars will each receive a $4,000 scholarship to support their college education. They will have a special opportunity to leave their own legacy, as they serve with the Elks once a year to receive their scholarship.

“I am immensely grateful!” shared Sydney Scanlon, 2017 Legacy scholar, sponsored by Arcadia, Fla., Lodge No. 1524. “This scholarship will go a long way. I am ecstatic about integrating myself into the Elks, especially after all the wonderful stories I have heard from my grandfather.”

Being an Elks scholar offers the chance to partner with the Elks in a meaningful way. While they may have heard about the Elks from their Elk parent or grandparent—and even served with the Elks growing up—they now have their own title of Elks scholar. Being an Elks scholar will lead to a wealth of opportunities for their personal and professional development.

Please join us in welcoming the class of 2017 Legacy scholars! Click here to see a full list of winners.

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