And the Winners Are...

The fourth Leadership Weekend is in the books. A complete recap is coming soon. In the meantime, here are the 20 Most Valuable Students who will soon be changing the world, and their scholarship amounts.

2017 Most Valuable Student Top 20 Finalists

Top 10 Males

Top 10 Females

Leul Dadi ($20,000)

Sponsored by Dallas, Texas, Lodge No. 71

Alenette Ballesteros ($20,000)

Sponsored by Kona, Hawaii, Lodge No. 2616

Steven Daley ($20,000)

Sponsored by Sierra Vista, Ariz., Lodge No. 2065

Alla Issa ($20,000)

Sponsored by Hampton, Va., Lodge No. 366

Jacob Fritchie ($30,000)

Sponsored by Robinson, Ill., Lodge No. 1188

Samantha Johnson ($20,000)

Sponsored by Kewanee, Ill., Lodge No. 724

Byungjun "BJ" Kim ($20,000)

Sponsored by Bryan, Texas, Lodge No. 859

Cynthia Lu ($20,000)

Sponsored by West Covina, Calif., Lodge No. 1996

Michael Medaugh ($20,000)

Sponsored by East Stroudsburg, Pa., Lodge No. 319

Tatum Ogata ($20,000)

Sponsored by Huntington, N.Y., Lodge No. 1565

Jacob Mosley ($40,000)

Sponsored by Ocala, Fla., Lodge No. 286

Laura Perrault ($20,000)

Sponsored by Derry-Salem, N.H., Lodge No. 2226

Jackson Nichols ($20,000)

Sponsored by Prescott, Ariz., Lodge No. 330

Ameena Razzaque ($40,000)

Sponsored by San Antonio, Texas, Lodge No. 216

Colin Norick ($50,000)

Sponsored by Kalispell, Mont., Lodge No. 725

Rebecca Reuning ($20,000)

Sponsored by Miami, Fla., Lodge No. 948

Branden Pearson ($20,000)

Sponsored by North Cape Coral, Fla., Lodge No. 2874

Zoi Urban ($50,000)

Sponsored by Santa Maria, Calif., Lodge No. 1538

Odysseus Pyrinis ($20,000)

Sponsored by Thousand Oaks, Calif., Lodge No. 2477

Lucia Zheng ($30,000)

Sponsored by Beaverton, Ore., Lodge No. 1989

Click here to search a complete list of the 2017 MVS class.

For 2016-17, the Elks National Foundation allocated $2.75 million to fund the Most Valuable Student scholarship program, which includes 500 four-year Most Valuable Student Scholarships. For more information about the Most Valuable Student scholarship program, including eligibility and deadlines, visit

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