Elks Scholar Advisory Board

The ENF is proud to present the Elks Scholar Advisory Board.

The outstanding Elks scholar advisory board members are listed below.

Click here for more information on the Elks Scholar Advisory Board. To send comments or suggestions to the Scholar Advisory Board, email scholarship@elks.org.


2020 MVS Scholar

Columbia University

Sponsored by Cincinnati, Ohio, Lodge No. 5

Liz Radway, President
2020 MVS Representative

Liz is a 2020 MVS scholar studying Computer Science with a concentration in Math at Columbia University. Liz is passionate about service, specifically focusing on expanding technological access for marginalized groups and investigating the ethical implications of advances in data science. As a Questbridge Scholar, Liz hopes to mentor young women and students from low-income households preparing for college. Liz has also interned as an Amazon Future Engineer Scholar and Bank of America Student Leader, and hopes to bring her experiences, passion, and unique perspective to the Scholar Advisory Board.


2022 Legacy Scholar

Missouri State University

Sponsored by Nevada, Mo., Lodge No. 564

Taylor Thompson, Vice President
2022 Legacy Representative

Taylor Thompson is a 2022 Legacy scholar studying Accounting at Missouri State University. In high school, she played sports, served in student government, and co-founded a Wildlife Conservation Club. She is looking for similar ways to get involved as she adjusts to life on campus. “One of the most important things that comes with being an Elks scholar is the opportunity to impact and reach people beyond my small town’s city limits,” says Taylor. “It’s my personal goal that my service to others will reach beyond my contracted hours.”


2020 Legacy Scholar

University of Toledo

Sponsored by Port Clinton, Ohio, Lodge No. 1718

Katie Knight, 2020 Legacy Representative

In high school, Katherine was a Choose Ohio First for Engineering Entrepreneurship Scholar, as well as a team leader for Project Wildlife. Katherine is a student at the University of Toledo, majoring in bioengineering. While planning to secure a master’s degree in prosthetics and orthotics, Katherine hopes to set a positive example for those living with and without a disability. As a person with cerebral palsy, she hopes to bring her unique perspective to the Scholar Advisory Board.


2021 MVS Scholar

Tufts University

Sponsored by Vista, Calif., Lodge No. 1968

Jed Quiaoit, 2021 MVS Representative

Jed is a first-generation student studying biomedical engineering and biotechnology at Tufts University. He believes in paying it forward—he serves as a mentor helping first-generation, low-income high school seniors navigate the college admissions and financial aid process. Jed always finds time to connect with the Elks family through virtual scholarship programming. He also joined the Santa Monica service trip in the summer of 2021.


2020 MVS Scholar

Stanford University

Sponsored by Provo, Utah, Lodge No. 849

Tanner Christensen, At-Large Representative

From Elks Scholar Service Trips to using Scholar Service Grants to being a leader at the 2023 Most Valuable Student Leadership Weekend, Tanner Christensen has made a home for himself in the #ElksFamily. "For me, being an Elks scholar means being part of a community of changemakers that are motivated to give back and help others in need," says Christensen. "I feel an unparalleled sense of belonging and community every time I engage with Elks scholars." As he enters his last year studying psychology at Stanford, he is glad that whatever his future holds, the #ElksFamily will be there.


2021 MVS Scholar

Vanderbilt University

Sponsored by Canton, Miss., Lodge No. 458

Shanay Desai, At-Large Representative

On two Elks Scholar Service trips, Desai has witnessed Elks scholars working together for the common good, and it inspired him lend his unique perspective to the SAB. "I have always believed that true leadership emerges from understanding the nuances of diverse backgrounds," says Desai. "I am committed to utilizing my personal story as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue within the SAB." He is currently in his third year at Vanderbilt University, studying neuroscience in hopes of becoming a physician-scientist.


2022 MVS Scholar

University of California, Berkeley

Sponsored by Gilroy, Calif., Lodge No. 1567

Marisol Cruz Velasco, At-Large Representative

"I value being in a network of individuals and organizations dedicated to making a positive impact at the grassroots level," says Marisol, "so being an Elks scholar means I will commit myself to lifelong learning, foster connections so I can increase my skill set, share my knowledge with others, and build meaningful relationships with individuals who share a passion for service." As she studies business administration with the hope of one day opening a high-ended Oaxacan cuisine restaurant, Marisol hopes to create symbiotic relationships with the people around her, just as she will as part of the SAB!


2021 Legacy Scholar

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Sponsored by Muskegon, Mich., Lodge No. 274

Corey Lallo, 2021 Legacy Representative

“I've grown up at the Elks,” says Corey. “After my family moved in 2007, no trip home felt complete without a visit. I always feel a sense of community and connection when in this environment.” He attends the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is studying computer science. When he’s not in class, he shares his musical talents on stage or in the choir. He also harnessed his unending enthusiasm and energy on the Chicago service trip in July 2021.


2022 MVS Scholar

Vanderbilt University

Sponsored by San Fernando, Calif., Lodge No. 1539

Riley Chong, 2022 MVS Representative

Riley Chong is a 2022 MVS scholar attending Vanderbilt University, where he studies Medicine, Health, and Society; Economics; and Public Policy. He is passionate about providing low-income and minority communities with healthcare resources and building healthcare infrastructure. “Being an Elks scholar is about serving my community through awareness, empathy and action,” says Riley. “I have the honor of carrying out the mission of the Elks National Foundation on a daily basis.”


2023 Legacy Scholar

College of St. Scholastica

Sponsored by Eveleth, Minn., Lodge No. 1161

Brennan Muhich, 2023 Legacy Representative

Currently studying global sustainability and justice at the College of St. Scholastica, Brennan Muhich wants to attend law school to one day become a public defender so he can support the people in his community. His desire to serve others and build stronger communities has been a part of his life just as long as the Elks have. "My older brother and I often joke that we were born into Elkdom, wearing 'Future Elk' shirts before we could walk," says Muhich. "In my daily life, I try to follow the cardinal principles of the order: charity, justice, brotherly love, and fidelity."


2023 MVS Scholar

Yale University

Sponsored by Massapequa, N.Y., Lodge No. 2162

Gloria Guerrier, 2023 MVS Representative

Gloria Guerrier is a professional at handling hurdles, both academically and in Yale's NCAA Division I Track and Field program. She is studying biomedical engineering, and she hopes to get a PhD that will allow her to combine computing and artificial intelligence with medicine. "Serving on the SAB will facilitate the progress toward my aspirations," says Guerrier, "as I am preparing for one of the major tasks of an engineer, which is working on a team and sharing ideas that function to foster positive change in the world we live in."


2006 Legacy Scholar

Georgetown University

Sponsored by Ormond Beach, Fla., Lodge No. 2193

Erika Barger, Alum of the Year Representative

Barger was a member of the inaugural Scholar Advisory Board when it was founded in 2009. She became a member of her sponsoring Lodge just two years after receiving her Legacy Awards scholarship, and she now serves as the Lodge's Scholarship Chair. From hosting Elks Scholar Meet-Ups at her college to attending service trips to guiding the next generation of Elks scholars, Erika embodies what it means to be a champion of the Order. Click here to learn more about Erika.