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Featured Elks scholars!

2012 MVS Analysis

Check out our analysis of the 2012 MVS cohort.

Legacy Scholars Analysis

Check out our recent evaluation of the 2012 Legacy Awards cohort.

Meet Elks Scholars on YouTube

Over the summer, ENF staff virtually sat down with each of the 2020 top 20 MVS scholars to chat with them about their plans for the future and what makes them an Elks scholar. Keeping the momentum going, we've continued the series. We'll release a new interview with Elks scholars every other Monday.
Visit enf.elks.org/20For20 to watch the scholars’ interviews.

Fresh First-Year Faces on the SAB

Meet our new SAB members!

Championing the Order: Elks scholars join ENF staff

The two newest members of the Elks National Foundation’s staff are testaments to one of our biggest goals: that our program recipients become champions of the Order.

Next Stop: Med School

We are proud to announce the recipients of the 2020 Gunther and Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship—Afeera Chaudhry, Dennis Youngs, Eric Xia, Iemaan Rana, Kevin Glover, Nicholas Balardi, Olivia Fuson and Victoria Cegielski. These eight Elks scholars will be achieving their dreams of becoming doctors thanks to the generosity of the late Mrs. Lee Weigel. Each scholar will receive $26,000 for medical school. Read more here.