Summer Service Trip - Chicago


This year's summer service trip will take place in Chicago, Illinois from May 21st-25th, 2023. Scholar accommodations will be in the Chicago area. In Chicago, scholars will have the opportunity to learn from and work with various community organizations, explore the cities, and meet local Elks. Each night, we will end with meaningful programming and reflection.

For the safety of our scholars and the populations we're serving, all scholars will be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Want to go but can't afford it? Check out our fundraising page for advice on how to get the funds you need, then reach out to for a link to our Travel Fund application.

All scholars are encouraged to apply. You do not need to be in school to attend this, or any, Elks Scholar Service Trips.

One scholar who went on our 2023 Tampa Trip said, “Everyone was passionate about making a difference in the community and worked together to achieve our goals. The bonding and camaraderie that developed among the team members was truly special. We all had a common purpose and it brought us closer together. Additionally, connecting with the local community was another highlight of the trip. We were able to learn about the unique challenges and needs of the area and make a meaningful impact by working with community organizations and residents. It was a humbling experience to see how much we could accomplish when we came together to serve others. Overall, it was a rewarding and unforgettable experience that I will always cherish.”