Volunteer with a Lodge

Give Back and Make a Difference!

As an Elks scholar, we know you're dedicated to service, and the Elks are, too! All Legacy Awards recipients (excluding freshmen looking for their first scholarship disbursement) are required to serve with the Elks at least three times during undergrad in order to receive their scholarship funds. This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the Elks while serving your community!

Featured Service Project

2017 Legacy scholar Kendall Pomerleau, sponsored by Auburn S. Worcester County, Mass., Lodge No. 2118, and 2018 Legacy scholar Alexa Frattini, sponsored by Arcadia Valley, Mo., Lodge No. 2330 volunteered with St. Louis, Mo., Lodge No. 9 for it's "Kayak with Vets" event.

Kendall said of her experience at the event, which was made possible by a Freedom Grant, "Being able to see the Lodge come together to support these veterans was so inspiring and empowering as a young person interested in being a leader and helping others in my future."

What can I do to help?

Elks Lodges are constantly helping their community and can always use an extra set of hands, so there are countless ways to help out! Here are some fun ways you can help out your local Lodge:

  • Rebound at a Hoop Shoot contest.
  • Judge scholarship applications for the next class of Elks scholars.
  • Serve with one of your Lodge's Community Investment Program grant projects.
  • Help create an online presence for your Lodge through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Volunteer at a Lodge's regularly scheduled fundraising meals and events.
  • Just ask! Lodges will often find things to do that they would never otherwise think of or be able to do themselves.

I can't make it to a Lodge to serve in person. Is there anything I can do to help virtually?

Your health and safety are priority number one. Given the current climate, we understand that physically volunteering at a Lodge may not be possible right now. Here are some virtual ways to help out:
  • Help create an online presence for your Lodge through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Design an online newsletter/email campaign for the Lodge.
  • Organize a virtual food or supply drive to support community members in need.
  • Offer to scan photos or other files to help a Lodge move online.
  • Write a press release highlighting the Lodge's good works for the local newspaper.
  • Reach out to vulnerable members of the Lodge by calling or writing cards.

How do I get in contact with an Elks Lodge?

In order to fulfill your Legacy service requirement, you are able to serve at any of the 1,800+ Elks Lodges in the country! It can be your sponsoring parent or grandparent's Lodge, a Lodge near your hometown, or a Lodge near your college campus. Wherever you are, the Elks are nearby! Follow the steps below to find and contact an Elks Lodge:

  • Search for a Lodge by name, number, or zip code using the Lodge Locator.
  • On a Lodge's webpage, go to the Contact Us page to see a list of Lodge contacts. The best person to contact is the Lodge secretary, but you can reach out to any of the emails and/or phone numbers listed.
  • Another great way to find a Lodge's events is through social media, especially Facebook. Lodges will often post upcoming events on their Facebook page. Even if you cannot reach anyone at the Lodge beforehand, we recommend showing up on the day of an event because Lodge's can almost always use an extra set of hands.
  • If you have a family member who is an active Elk, he or she will know who to talk to at the Lodge about volunteering.
  • If you have exhausted all the options above, you can reach out to our office and we will help you get in contact with a Lodge.

I've done my service, how do I report it?

Once you’ve participated in your Lodge service activity, please click here, log in with your ScholarWeb username and password, and complete the online Scholar Service Form. Remember, this form must be completed and submitted before you are able to receive your scholarship disbursement. You need to complete your service before you can send in your Verification of Enrollment form for the year.

Service Requirement Details

For all Legacy Awards recipients (excluding first-year scholars): The Scholar Service Form must be submitted before you are able to receive your scholarship disbursement.

Verification of Enrollment forms will be collected and disbursements for the academic year will be made from July 1 through March 31. You must complete your service requirement first, then report on it through the Scholar Service Form. Once approved, you can then access and submit your Verification of Enrollment form. Upon receipt of your Verification of Enrollment form, our office will send your disbursement to your school.

We've waived the deadline for service. You can do your service at any time, as long as it is complete and reported on before you submit your Verification of Enrollment form. Please review all advice and options above.

Your health and safety are priority number one. If you have exhausted all volunteer options, and your timeline is tight, please reach out to our office. We are here to help and offer flexibility with this requirement.

Click here to Report Service

If you have questions or need assistance contacting a Lodge, please contact the Scholarship Office at scholarship@elks.org or 773/755-4732.

We encourage all Elks scholars to serve with the Elks, not just Legacy scholars! If you are a Most Valuable Student or Emergency Educational Grant recipient, and you've recently served with the Elks, please email scholarship@elks.org to let us know!