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Featured Legacy Service

2015 Legacy scholar Matthew Kratz and 2014 Legacy scholar Jennie Scislow volunteered their time with Dakota County, Minn., Lodge No. 2832 to help with their annual steak and lobster picnic.

"It felt good helping everyone have a nice gathering," says Matthew.

And Jennie agreed. "I was very excited to hear that serving with the Elks was a part of keeping my scholarship because for all the help the Elks has given me through this scholarship, the least I could to would be to volunteer with them," she says.

We know you're dedicated to service, and the Elks are, too! Starting in 2014, all Legacy Awards recipients are required to serve with the Elks once per year in order to receive their scholarship funds. This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the Elks while serving your community!

From rebounding at a Hoop Shoot contest to helping score scholarship applications. From serving with your Lodge’s Community Investments Program grant projects to creating a Lodge Facebook page—the possibilities for serving with the Elks are endless.

2017, 2018 and 2019 scholars should serve and report their service online by June 15, 2020. Once you’ve participated in your Lodge service activity, please click here, log in with your ScholarWeb username and password, and complete the online Scholar Service Form. Remember, this form must be completed and submitted before you are able to receive your 2020-21 scholarship disbursement.

Click here to Report Service Want to get involved? Visit www.elks.org/lodges to get in touch with your local Lodge, and start planning how you will serve your community with the Elks!

If you have questions or need assistance contacting a Lodge, please contact the Scholarship Office at scholarship@elks.org or 773/755-4732.

We encourage all Elks scholars to serve with the Elks, not just Legacy scholars! If you are a Most Valuable Student or Emergency Educational Grant recipient, and you've recently served with the Elks, please email scholarship@elks.org to let us know!

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