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CLMS - Chicago Lodge Membership System - 02/24/2011

Chicago Lodge Membership System

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Welcome to CLMS - Chicago Lodge Membership System. CLMS© has undergone critical and severe tests at Lodges across the country over the past 17 years. Its strength is in its diligent process of development which will continue to be improved and modified as the needs of Lodge secretaries change and the technology advances.

In the CLMS Documentation

What's New in CLMS

Describes the new features and enhancements included in this version of CLMS.

Getting Started with CLMS

Provides information about installing and upgrading from previous versions, configuring CLMS and customizing the system environment.

Using CLMS

Provides an overview of CLMS features.

How To Topics

Contains step-by-step walkthroughs and screen casts that you can use for experimenting with and view for learning CLMS features.


Includes general CLMS reference topics.

Product Support

Provides information about CLMS product support services for CLMS.

Additional Information

Chicago Lodge Membership System Dashboard

Provides a link to the Web site for additional information and resources for CLMS.


Suggestions or bug reports about the CLMS product or help can be emailed to CLMS Helpdesk.

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