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Welcome! This page will provide you with all the tools you need as an Elks volunteer to serve local veterans.

ENVSC Materials

Lodge Veterans Chair Welcome Guide: New to serving veterans? Read this two-page Welcome Guide to learn the basics and get started!

Lodge Veterans Chair Quiz: Now that you've read the guide, test your skills by taking our Lodge Veterans Chair Quiz!

State Veteran Volunteer of the Year: The State Veteran Volunteer of the Year Award honors those who have demonstrated outstanding service to veterans and military members in need. Know someone who qualifies? Nominate them!

National Veterans Service Volunteer of the Year: Every year we also choose a National Winner. Click the link to find more information about this award, including stories about past winners and a link to the online nomination form. Please note that this the National award and State award have separate nomination forms. Generally, the National winner will have won the state-level award in a previous year.

ENVSC 101: Are you new to Veterans Service? Are you looking to recruit volunteers to join your Veterans Service Committee? We've got just the thing! Check out our ENVSC 101 slideshow, which gives an overview of our programs and partnerships, as well as ways for new Elks and volunteers to get involved.

Supply Order Form: Use this form to buy supplies for your Lodge and for veterans in your community. Order quantities may be limited depending on available stock.

Photo Release Form: Use this form to submit photos and information from VAVS outings, Freedom Grant projects or other veterans' programs.

State Veterans Projects:: Learn more about what each state is doing to serve veterans.

Click here to download the ENVSC logo (in jpg format). Share it everywhere!

ENVSC Materials

New Facility Proposal Form: Is there a new VA or other veterans facility in your state that should receive Elks support? View and download the form needed to propose a new VAVS facility.

New Representative or Deputy Representative Proposal Form: Are you adding a new Representative or Deputy Representative? View and download the form here.

Allocation Increase Request Form: Are you a current Representative who needs a larger monthly allocation? Use this form to request more funds.

Have an idea for improving the VAVS program? Share it with us, and we'll submit your suggestion to the VAVS National Advisory Committee. Want to know more about the process? View the official form for submitting recommendations. (Please note that ENVSC staff will complete this form on your behalf.)

View the State Veterans Chair Dashboard showing the status of all VAVS reports in your state here.

Leather Materials

Dennis McAleese is enjoying a well-earned retirement. Please send all leather, glove, and craft kit order forms to the ENVSC Office in Chicago, as indicated on the forms.

Leather and Glove Order Form: If you are a VAVS Representative, participate in the Veterans Leather Program by ordering gloves and leather for wheelchair-bound veterans and veteran therapy programs.

Craft Kit Order Form: If you are a Lodge Veterans Chair or Voluntary Service Representative, order free craft kits from Help Heal Veterans to give to the veterans you serve. Complete this form and submit to it Veterans Leather Chair Dennis McAleese.

Leather Instructional Guide: If you are a hunter looking to help out the Elks and local veterans, read this instructional guide to properly prepare your hides to be used in the Veterans Leather Program. Then, contact your local Elks Lodge for drop-off information.

Playing Cards Materials

Another way to reach out to hospitalized veterans in your community is by providing them with playing cards. Local casinos donate decks of playing cards to Elks to be distributed to VA homes and hospitals. If you'd like to provide playing cards to veterans at a facility near you, approach local casinos about donating cards.

Playing Cards Order Form: If you do not live nearby a casino or riverboat, order decks to be delivered.

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