Online Membership Invitations and Applications -
Now Available!

Starting immediately, current members of the Elks can send membership invitations to friends and family via the website. Invitees can then "click through" to submit their application online, and secretaries can then import the application into the Chicago Lodge Membership System (CLMS) with the simple click of a button. This streamlined application process will enable members to invite worthy candidates to join any lodge in the country, and will significantly reduce the delays and inconvenience associated with hardcopy applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have our membership policies changed?
No! Membership in the Elks is still by invitation only, and the Order's membership requirements remain unchanged. Our new online application system simply translates our current hardcopy application to the Internet.

How can I send an invitation?
Click the link labeled "Invite a Friend" at the very top left of any page of the website:

After you click the link, you'll be taken to the online application "Proposer" screen:

To send a membership invitation, you'll be asked to provide your candidate's name and email address, as well as the length of time you've been acquainted. By default you'll be inviting the candidate to join your lodge, but you can select any lodge in the country if you're inviting someone from out of town, or out of state. Now is the perfect time to ask your far-flung friends and family to join the Elks!

Can anyone send a membership invitation?
No. To send a membership invitation you have to be a member of the Elks with a valid user name and password.

How will my candidate receive his invitation?
Once you click the button labeled, "Send Invitation for Membership," a nicely formatted invitation will be emailed to the address you specified:

Since emails sometimes get lost in spam filters, you may want to call or email your friend separately and ask them to watch for an email with the subject, "Invitation to Join the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the USA." Note that as proposer, you'll get a separate email confirming that your invitation was transmitted.

What happens next?
Once your invitation is received, your candidate can click through to submit their membership application online. (Note that the online application features exactly the same questions as the hardcopy version.) If they don't have time to complete the application in one sitting, they can click the blue button at the bottom of the application to save their work and come back later. Once their application is complete, they can click a check box to electronically "sign" the application, and then click the red button to electronically submit the application to their local lodge:

Will I be notified when their application is submitted?
Yes. You'll receive an email confirmation when your candidate submits his application electronically.

How will the secretary be notified?
Your local lodge secretary (or the secretary at the lodge to which you proposed this candidate) will be notified of a pending membership application the next time he signs onto the Chicago Lodge Membership System (CLMS). With the click of a button, he'll be able to import your candidate's application into CLMS, and print out a hardcopy of the application in Adobe PDF format for distribution to the lodge investigating committee.

Are we discontinuing the use of the hard copy application?
No. The electronic membership application is a quicker and more efficient alternative to the hardcopy application, but it is not a replacement.

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