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Grants Our lodge was the recipient of 5 grants from the Elks National Foundations. In previous posts we talked about the Promise, Freedom and Beacon Grants. We will conclude the series with the Gratitude Grant. This grant is divided into two programs Drug Awareness and Dictionaries 1. We give approx. 960 dictionaries to 3rd grade children in the parochial and public schools of the Ken-Ton and Sweet Home School Districts. In addition to receiving their paper-back dictionary, children are given an overview of the purpose and usage of dictionaries with follow up by the classroom teacher. 2. With drugs, the nationwide opioid addiction is our main focus. We partner with the Kenmore Police and “Save the Michael Foundation” to raise awareness and provide community support. We also sponsor other programs to raise awareness of the killing and destruction caused by drugs in America


In a previous issue we talked about the Promise Grant. Continuing our discussion with the Grants program we also received the Freedom Grant. Here the focus is placed on 5 areas for Veterans and/or active military: employment, homelessness and housing, military families, health, and educational support. We supply Veterans who are homeless with re-establishment kits as they progress from transitional housing (Altimont House, Eagle Star) into the next stage in their recovery and assimilation into the community. These kits include  towels, bedsheets, cleaning equipment, stemware, plates, kitchen utensils, microwaves ovens, vacuum cleaners, etc.

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Our lodge applied for and received funding for Grants from the Elks National Foundations which allow us to make investments into the community. We merged the one time Anniversary Grant with the Promise Grant that focuses on youth. We sponsor field trips for the Erie 1 BOCES and other special education classes in our area. We pay the transportation (bussing) and admission fees for the students, teachers and supervising parents. With cutbacks in school budgets, we felt the need to allow these children with special needs a chance to visit such places as the Science Museum, Theater of Youth, Becker Farms, Botanical Gardens, Ft. Niagara and Bison Baseball games.

Posted by: Ken-Ton, NY #1942 (01/28/2018)

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