District No. 3240

GER Message

A New ew Elks year means a new donation goal

Message from the Grand Exalted Ruler

I am gratified and humbled to have been chosen as the National President of an organization that does so much for communities all across this great land. The hard work of every Local Lodge Member is what makes our charitable work possible, which is why I chose the theme "Working Together to Make a Difference" for this exciting new Elks year.

As Elks, we are all working toward a common goal, whether it be Lodge Members giving back to their communities, strengthening a charitable organization through a State Association's Major Project, or enriching a life because of a Grand Lodge Program. These are the ways we truly make a difference in people's lives.

This year, I have set the ENF donation goal at $4.75 per Member. I encourage everyone to donate. When you give back to the ENF, Lodges throughout the country are able to take advantage of the numerous charitable opportunities it provides. The difference your Lodge can make in your community is more than doubled by taking advantage of these incredible opportunities.

I also encourage you to take a hard look at the programs and contributions your Local Lodge makes to your community. Is your community aware of the impact your Lodge makes on the lives of people living in your town? Are your contributions meeting your goals? Are you making the most of the ENF grants offered through Grand Lodge?

The Elks provide the perfect opportunity to get involved in projects that benefit the community while enjoying the personal rewards that come from unselfishly giving back. Best of all, we reap the rewards of benevolence while enjoying the camaraderie of our families and closest friends. Make sure that both current and prospective Members are aware of the good work you're doing in your community. Provide them with a well-maintained, inviting, and fun place to socialize. Not only will your Lodge grow, but you'll also find more people eager to volunteer.

Barb and I are looking forward to our travels across the United States to see the great work you're doing in your Local Lodges and State Associations. Most of all, we are looking forward to meeting all of the amazing Elks who are so dedicated to our grand organization. Hope to see you soon.

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