District No. 9440

Joker's Wild


Hoquiam Elks 1082 Members only

Please come join us in our lounge for our weekly Joker’s Wild Game.

Wedneday nights with game closing at 7:00 pm!

Tickets are available in the lounge for $1.00 per ticket.

Ticket will be drawn each Wednesday at 7:15 PM

The first ticket will be for a chance to pick the Joker for the *Grand Prize. Tickets will be sold throughout the week, right up to 15 minutes before the drawing. The accumulated money will be announced prior to each Grand Prize drawing.

The member named on the drawn ticket will select an envelope containing one card off the game board. There is a consolation prize of various values in all 52 envelopes.

The game ends when the Joker is pulled. The winner will receive 70% of the total pot and the Elks Lodge will receive 30%. If the member named on the drawn ticket is not present, a card will be selected by a committee member. If the Joker is selected, the non-present member will receive 30% of the pot and the Elks Lodge will get the remaining 70%.


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