A Hand Up

Each Friday during Veterans Remembrance Month in November, as part of the Hand Up series, the ENF posted an article focusing on the issues facing today's returning servicemen and women, as well as examples and resources for Lodges looking to do more to serve them. Read each installment to learn how you can give a Hand Up to veterans.


The Hand Up series is meant to inspire Lodges to use their ENF grants to do more, or do things differently to help today’s returning servicemen and women. Veterans have the potential to be great resources in their communities. They simply need a hand up. That’s where the Elks come in. Read more.

Installment 1: A Better Homecoming

Upon returning home, many veterans have a network of support online and close friendships with fellow veterans across the country, but lack a network at home. They look for people to connect with in their communities, and often don’t find them. Read more.

Installment 2: A Personal Touch

“Eighteen veterans take their lives every day,” said Colonel David Sutherland. He challenged everyone in the room to do a better job helping those veterans. Col. Sutherland offered many examples of veterans struggling to adjust to civilian life, and just needing a hand up to get back on their feet. Read more.

Installment 3: A Return to Stability

Almost a third of veterans between the ages of 18 and 24 were unemployed last year, according to a report by the Center for Progress. It’s estimated that as many as one in five homeless persons is a veteran. Military spouses have a higher percentage of unemployment, and military children experience higher levels of anxiety. Veterans, military members and their families have a unique set of challenges. This installment focuses on three common challenges, and ways Elks can help. Read more.

Installment 4: Continued Service

As much as Elks can serve veterans, veterans can help the Elks serve. The conference began with a speech by Bryan Anderson entitled “Reporting for Service. Anderson, a veteran who was injured in combat a few years ago, now has two prosthetic legs and one prosthetic arm. Read more.

Installment 5: Partnerships

As Veterans Remembrance month draws to a close, some will forget about the struggles that veterans face and let these issues fade from mind. The issues won’t fade though, and veterans will continue to need the support of their local community. And, the Elks won’t forget that. Read more.
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