Webinars allow the ENF to provide an opportunity for ENF Fundraising Chairs across the country to connect for educational seminars.

What is a webinar? A webinar is a seminar conducted via the Internet. Each participant sits at his or her own computer and is connected via the internet, following the presentation on the computer.

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ENF Fundraising Chairs: Annual Giving—Learn about the importance of encouraging annual support. This presentation was a part of the ENF Fundraising Chairs Seminar at the 2017 Elks National Convention.

Being an ENF Fundraising Chair: Learn. Connect. Represent.—Learn what being an ENF Fundraising Chair is all about, including tools and resources to make your job easier.

ENF Fundraising Chair Overview—Learn valuable information about your duties and responsibilities as ENF Fundraising Chair.

Remittances for ENF Fundraising Chairs—Learn how to easily and accurately submit donations and donor information to the ENF.

ENF Fundraising Chair Reports—Walk through the reports available online to ENF Fundraising Chairs to provide a better understanding of these tools.

Ways to Give—Learn about each ENF supply, available free of charge, to promote the ENF and raise funds.

Celebrating and Recognizing ENF Successes—Get ideas on how to celebrate and recognize donors, ENF program recipients and successes in your Lodge, district and/or state.

How to Use the ENF Warning List—Receive instructions on how to retain your donors.

Looking for webinars on other topics? View Scholarship, Hoop Shoot and Community Investments Program webinars.

Questions? Email Fundraising@elks.org or call 773/755-4762.

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