Parenting is Prevention

The Parenting is Prevention series is designed to help you and members in your community build greater parental leadership. This series will also help parents understand how children in the new millennium are affected by their surroundings, not only at home but in school and the community.

This six-session series is based on Milton Creagh’s experiences not only as a father, but also as someone who has traveled extensively and seen the results of both good and bad parenting styles.

Each session can stand alone, but using the entire series will produce the most benefit for all attendees.

What Is A Parent?

Parenting is a joint project. Each parent must bring something to the table in raising a child, even if the parents are no longer together. Kids learn from what parents do far more than they learn from what parents say! The purpose of this video is to encourage and educate parents on how to become a more successful parent.

What Are We Teaching?

You are your child's first teacher! Your parenting style can either make it tougher or easier for teachers to teach your child. Our children are our greatest assets in society today. Anything we can do to help our young people grow up to be productive citizens is of utmost importance not only to their future, but to the future of families everywhere. The purpose of this video is to help show parents how to create a positive learning environment both at home and at school.

Stages Of Drug Use

It is critical to know your child's best friends and their parents! Don't be misguided by the widely-held (and erroneous) beliefs that if your child starts using drugs, their grades will fall, their friends will change, and they'll lose interest in extracurricular activities. None of those things are likely to happen until the addiction stage. The purpose of this video is to educate you on the stages of drug use and some important steps you can take to protect your child.

Ending The Conspiracy Theory

Can you think of a time when you were guilty of the "not MY child syndrome"? How could you have handled the situation differently? We like to believe that our children will not lie to us, but they do. Some are lies of omission and some are lies of commission. The purpose of this video is to show you the importance of having your child hear and understand you in any situation.

High-Tech Meets Low-Tech

High-tech entertainment shouldn't replace the low-tech tradition of direct involvement in your child's life. Limitations need to be set for watching TV, talking on the cell phone, surfing the internet, and playing video games. The average American child watches more than 24 hours of television each week. That same child spends only 5 hours per week studying. The purpose of this video is to show you how important it is as a parent to be involved with what your child does in their every-day activities, whether they are at home or at school.

Behavior Begets Consequences

Of this generation, one in two kids will live at home with parents until their mid-twenties. One in four will live with their parents in a dependent state well into their thirties. This problem is tied to economic growth strain from a number of extenuating circumstances, including low work ethic. What are some things you are doing to teach your child a good work ethic? How about how to maintain a financial budget? Our children cannot become productive adults unless we teach them. The purpose of this video is to help you prepare your children for the future.

Ordering Information

To order one of the Parenting is Prevention DVDs or the complete set, contact your State Elks Drug Awareness chairperson.

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