2017-18 Anniversary Grant Final Report Forms Due by August 31, 2018

Click here to download an editable copy of the Anniversary Grant Final Report Form. Remember, if you used an Anniversary Grant to supersize another grant project, you only need to fill out the Final Report Form for that grant. No need to file a separate form.


Great news! To help kick-off another 150 years of service through the BPOE, the ENF has decided to offer the Anniversary Grant for a second grant year! This $1,500 grant offers an opportunity for Lodges to do even more charitable work. All Lodges are eligible for a 2018-19 Anniversary Grant, regardless of meeting the ENF per-member-giving goal. Much like the Gratitude Grant, the Anniversary Grant has flexible guidelines.

2018-19 Anniversary Grant applications open July 1, 2018, and are available for use during the 2018-19 CIP grant cycle. If you received an Anniversary Grant in 2017-18, you are eligible to receive another in the 2018-19 grant year. If you didn't receive a 2017-18 Anniversary Grant, this is your chance to get one! Anniversary Grants are the ENF's way of celebrating every Lodge's commitment to their community through service.

Will your Lodge be applying for a 2018-19 Beacon or Gratitude Grant? Consider using the Anniversary Grant to supersize your grant project. Your Lodge has the option to add on the $1,500 Anniversary Grant to your Beacon or Gratitude Grant budget when you apply for those grants, rather than filling out a separate Anniversary Grant application.

***Please note: Anniversary Grants may not be used to fund 150th celebration parties, or general Lodge awareness events. Please see the basic CIP grant guidelines below.

Basic CIP Grant Guidelines

Click here for a succinct, printable version of our general CIP grant guidelines.

Charitable: CIP Grants should always be used for charitable purposes. Keep the following six broad categories (defined as charitable by the IRS) in mind when planning a grant project; relieve the poor, distressed or underprivileged; advance education or science, but not through scholarships; lessen the burdens of government; lessen neighborhood tensions; eliminate prejudice and discrimination; combat juvenile delinquency.

Restrictions: CIP Grant guidelines state that Lodges may not use grants to support State Major Projects, national Elks programs, fund scholarships, Hoop Shoot/Soccer Shoot events, youth awards nights, poster and/or essay contests, appreciations dinners, fundraisers or general community events. Grants may not be used for Lodge maintenance and/or repairs, or to only benefit Lodge members and their families. Grant funds must serve a population in need, and cannot be donations of funds or supplies to individuals.



Lodges have the option to apply for the Anniversary Grant one of two ways:

1. Fill out an Anniversary Grant application for a new and/or separate charitable project. This option comes with its own Final Report Form requirements. If the Lodge chooses this option, the Lodge is not eligible to supersize a Beacon or Gratitude Grant.

2. Supersize another grant project. Your Lodge will have the option to add on the Anniversary Grant to your Beacon, Promise or Gratitude Grant budget when you apply. $1,500 will be added to the grant check, and the Lodge will report on the full amount granted on the Final Report Form. If the Lodge chooses this option, the Lodge is not eligible to submit a separate Anniversary Grant application.

Dates: 2017-18 Anniversary Grant applications closed March 31, 2018. All 2017-18 Grant funds must be used by July 31, 2018. This includes Anniversary Grant funds being used to supersize other grant projects, or separate Anniversary Grant projects. 2018-19 Anniversary Grant applications open July 1, 2018.

Final Report Forms: After the grant has been used, mail in the Final Report Form, along with all grant-related receipts. Please email photos. Lodges that do not complete this required form will not be eligible to apply for ENF grants the following year.

2018-19 Anniversary Grant Applications Open July 1

Lodge Secretaries or Grant Coordinators follow these steps:

1. Decide as a Lodge if the Anniversary Grant will be used to supersize, or will be applied for separately.

2. Go to the Member Login and enter your existing username and password.

3. Go to the CIP Grants application page.

4. Choose Anniversary Grant and click "Proceed to Application"


Choose Beacon, Promise or Gratitude and click "Proceed to Application."
To supersize, check the box on the budget page.

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