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Scholarship Webinars

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Hoop Shoot Webinars

NEW! Fun Tips for Engaging Contestants—Need tips for fun activities that engage Hoop Shoot contestants beyond 25 free-throws? We've got them! Watch this webinar, which will give you plenty of ideas for engaging your contestants before, during and after your Hoop Shoot contest. (11/18/2014)
Need to Know: District Hoop Shoot Directors—This webinar goes over everything District Directors need to know, including reminders and updates for before, during and after the contest. (11/10/2014)
Need to Know: Lodge Hoop Shoot Directors—This webinar goes over everything Lodge Directors need to know to run a successful Hoop Shoot contest, including new reporting procedures. (10/14/2014)
Promoting your Hoop Shoot Contest—Promote your Hoop Shoot contest to potential partners, parents and contestants. (9/16/2014)
2014-15 Season Kick-Off—Get ready for the 2014-15 Hoop Shoot season! (8/20/2014)
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Community Investments Program Webinars

NEW! Interested in engaging Elks scholars but aren't sure where to start? Look no further than the ScholarCIP: Engaging Elks Scholars Through Grants webinar! Or, if you'd just like a copy of the PowerPoint, click here to download a PDF version of the presentation. (2/3/2016)
Planning a Perfect Promise Grant—Looking to apply for a 2015-16 Promise Grant but don't know where to start? Look no further than this webinar full of helpful tips, common application missteps, and Promise Grant updates that are new in 2015-16. (7/16/2015)
Impact Grants: Turning Ideas into Action—This webinar will help your Lodge take a great idea and turn it into an Impact Grant project. Use this resource to get a head start on planning your Lodge's Impact Grant project today!(6/25/2015)
2015-16 Lodge Grants Kickoff—This webinar offers an overview of the 2015-16 Lodge Grants available and the updated guidelines for this year. It covers the basics of applying for Beacon, Freedom, Gratitude and Promise Grants, as well as how to develop a charitable project, forge partnerships, and publicize your Lodge's project to help your Lodge be all that it can be.(6/15/2015)
Fame, Fortune and Final Report Forms—Submit a successful grant Final Report Form and be featured on the ENF website and in ENF publications.
Identifying a Need—Help your Lodge reach out to the community and make a local impact.
Building a Buzz: ENF Grants & Publicity—Spread the word about your Lodges good works to gain local attention and attract new members.
The More the Merrier: Recruiting Project Volunteers—Involve Elks and community members in your Lodge's charitable project.
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ENF Fundraising Chair Webinars

Being an ENF Fundraising Chair: Learn. Connect. Represent—Learn what being an ENF Fundraising Chair is all about, including tools and resources to make your job easier.
ENF Fundraising Chair Overview—Learn valuable information about your duties and responsibilities as ENF Fundraising Chair.
Remittances for ENF Fundraising Chairs—Learn how to easily and accurately submit donations and donor information to the ENF.
ENF Fundraising Chair Reports—Walk through the reports available online to ENF Fundraising Chairs to provide a better understanding of these tools.
ENF Supplies—Learn about each ENF supply, available free of charge, to promote the ENF and raise funds.
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ENF Donor Bill of Rights