Elks National Foundation Month of Service
Browse a list of service ideas and share your thoughts. Sign up to be a Campus Point Person. Join Elks scholars on your campus and clean up your community!
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Sign up today to become a part of the 2013 Elks Scholar Month of Service. Scroll down to see the list of campus and community leaders already in place. Don't worry if your campus or community does not yet have a point person. We will make sure you can get involved and help your community!

2013 Elks Scholar Month of Service Campus and Community Leaders

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Binghamton University
Adam Davis
2008 MVS
Email: adavis7@binghamton.edu

Brigham Young University
Samuel Hord
2008 MVS
Email: samuel.hord@gmail.com

California Polytechnic State University
Sean Pringle
2010 MVS
Email: pringle.sean@gmail.com

Columbia University
Eric Tong
2012 MVS
Email: elt2128@columbia.edu

Duke University
Li Chen
2010 MVS
Email: lc150@duke.edu

Florida State University
Erika Barger
Elks Scholar Alum
Email: haffagiraffe@aol.com

Georgetown University
R.J. Barthelmes
2008 MVS
Email: rjb89@georgetown.edu

Harvard University
Kathy Wang
2010 MVS
Email: kwang@college.harvard.edu

Immaculata University
Melanie Dudley
2010 Legacy
Email: dudley.melanie@gmail.com

Kansas State University
Macy Warburton
2010 MVS
Email: mnoelle@ksu.edu

Northeastern University
Mary Solomon
201 MVS
Email: solomon.m@husky.neu.edu

Princeton University
Elshaddai Ephrem
2012 MVS
Email: eephrem@princeton.edu

Rutgers University
Maryann Slater
2011 Legacy
Email: maryannslater325@aol.com

University of Illinois
Chris Isenhower
2012 Legacy
Email: isenhow2@illinois.edu

University of New Mexico
Kelley Rutter
2012 Legacy
Email: kelley.rutter@gmail.com

University of Notre Dame
Clara Ritger and Savannah Kounelis
2009 MVS and 2012 MVS
Email: critger@nd.edu
Email: skouneli@nd.edu

University of Oregon
Aimee Fritsch
2010 MVS
Email: afritsch@uoregon.edu

University of Southern California
Victoria Wilburn
2007 MVS
Email: vlwilburn@gmail.com

University of Virginia
Karsten Coates
2012 MVS
Email: karstencoates@gmail.com

University of Washington
Chloe Choe
2012 MVS
Email: chloechoex3@yahoo.com

University of West Florida
April Green
2010 MVS
Email: amgreen17@yahoo.com

Wright State University
Melanie West
2012 MVS
Email: west.174@wright.edu

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