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CLMS2 Overview

  1. CLMS2Web will be a web-based replacement to CLMS1. All data entry and some light reporting will be accomplished through the elks.org website.
  2. For more advanced and customized reporting, including membership cards and dues statements, a Windows-based desktop program will be available for download and local installation. This program, CLMS2PC, will synch membership data automatically with CLMS2Web.
  3. As a web-based application, CLMS2Web will be accessible from any PC with Internet access. (Broadband recommended.) Multiple users per lodge may access the application simultaneously.
  4. Access to CLMS2Web will be password-restricted to local lodge secretaries and any staff members they may choose to appoint. To facilitate technical support, CLMS2 Coordinators will have readonly access to membership data for all the lodges in their jurisdiction.
  5. Conversion to the CLMS2Web data format will happen automatically, and a report will be generated with a list of any conversion issues that may need to be addressed manually. Once a lodge converts to CLMS2Web, they may no longer use CLMS1, and membership file backups will no longer be accepted by Grand Lodge.
  6. Backups and CASS Updates will be handled automatically by CLMS2Web.
  7. CLMS2Web will feature extensive online help, and the CLMS Help Desk will continue to provide technical support via email and telephone.
  8. Online "wizards" will be used throughout CLMS2Web to soften the learning curve for new users of the system.
  9. To avoid overwhelming coordinators and Help Desk personnel, lodges will be gradually converted to CLMS2Web over a period of several months starting on a to-be-determined date in 2011.
  10. CLMS2Web and CLMS2PC will be free for all lodges.

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