"My grandfather's life has been deeply impacted by his involvement in the Elks Club, and I'd be so honored to be able to take part in this organization and help pass iton through the generations to come. Thank you so much for awarding me with an Elks Legacy Scholarship. I am beyond moved and honored to have received such an amazing and meaningful scholarship. My family has been so lucky to have the Elks present in our lives, and this scholarship just makes me realize even more how fortunate I, and so many other students out there, are to have a foundation like the Elks present in the world."
Alexa Wegman, Scholar

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MVS Scholarship Recipients
Contest Winners
Four-Year Scholarship Winners
Scholarship Winner Lodge Sponsor Annual Award Award Year
Brandon Alleman Lodge #753, MI $1,000.00 2002
Jacob Bourjaily Lodge #48, MI $1,000.00 2002
Ryan Boyer Lodge #1400, MI $1,000.00 2002
Feng Pei Du Lodge #47, MI $1,000.00 2002
Elizabeth Flanary Lodge #2168, MI $1,000.00 2002
Mary Harwood Lodge #48, MI $1,000.00 2002
Philip Hepworth Lodge #2607, MI $1,000.00 2002
Nicholas Kesler Lodge #1253, MI $1,000.00 2002
Amanda Kirk Lodge #1381, MI $1,000.00 2002
Robert Kung Lodge #541, MI $1,000.00 2002
Ernest Luri Lodge #700, MI $1,000.00 2002
Katie Luxon Lodge #2225, MI $1,000.00 2002
April McCullough Lodge #113, MI $1,000.00 2002
David Orweller Lodge #1621, MI $1,000.00 2002
Erin Pauken Lodge #1575, MI $1,000.00 2002
Sarah Rabe Lodge #2544, MI $1,000.00 2002
James Reinhart Lodge #354, MI $1,000.00 2002
Kayla Romberger Lodge #323, MI $1,000.00 2002
Margaret Rossman Lodge #131, MI $1,000.00 2002
Karin Wolber Lodge #1523, MI $1,000.00 2002

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