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"I know the Elks to be a big part of community life in my home town, in my state, and across the country. I am truly honored to be recognized by your outstanding organization with this scholarship. Thank you for your investment in my education and my future. I want you to know how much I appreciate what you and the Elks organization do to help students like me. It is an immense relief to know that I will receive $1,000 each year to help with my college payments as part of my scholarship. Thank you again."
Hillary Smith, Scholar

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MVS Scholarship Recipients
Contest Winners
Four-Year Scholarship Winners
Scholarship Winner Lodge Sponsor Annual Award Award Year
Brandon Alleman Lodge #753, MI $1,000.00 2002
Jacob Bourjaily Lodge #48, MI $1,000.00 2002
Ryan Boyer Lodge #1400, MI $1,000.00 2002
Feng Pei Du Lodge #47, MI $1,000.00 2002
Elizabeth Flanary Lodge #2168, MI $1,000.00 2002
Mary Harwood Lodge #48, MI $1,000.00 2002
Philip Hepworth Lodge #2607, MI $1,000.00 2002
Nicholas Kesler Lodge #1253, MI $1,000.00 2002
Amanda Kirk Lodge #1381, MI $1,000.00 2002
Robert Kung Lodge #541, MI $1,000.00 2002
Ernest Luri Lodge #700, MI $1,000.00 2002
Katie Luxon Lodge #2225, MI $1,000.00 2002
April McCullough Lodge #113, MI $1,000.00 2002
David Orweller Lodge #1621, MI $1,000.00 2002
Erin Pauken Lodge #1575, MI $1,000.00 2002
Sarah Rabe Lodge #2544, MI $1,000.00 2002
James Reinhart Lodge #354, MI $1,000.00 2002
Kayla Romberger Lodge #323, MI $1,000.00 2002
Margaret Rossman Lodge #131, MI $1,000.00 2002
Karin Wolber Lodge #1523, MI $1,000.00 2002

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